Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Engraved Bell-end

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Pre-war tuners reborn! Our replica 3-on-plate tuners with distinctive engraved motif, as supplied by Waverly to guitar manufacturers from the 1920s to the '40s.

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Engraved Bell-end Relic nickel

Relic nickel

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Engraved Bell-end Bright nickel

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Pre-war tuners reborn! Our replica 3-on-plate tuners with distinctive engraved motif, as supplied by Waverly to guitar manufacturers from the 1920s to the '40s.

They feature authentic steel baseplates and ivoroid knobs, plus 15:1 gear ratio for better tuning than the originals.

Golden Age tuners are exclusively from Stewart-MacDonald, made with our eye for details and exact specifications.

"One of the goals of the John Renbourn Custom Artist Edition guitar is to reflect the classy simplicity of early Martin instruments. Golden Age tuners provided us with a high quality, economically-priced and highly appropriate choice!" —Dick Boak, Martin Guitars

Golden Age tuners are the rebirth of popular early 20th Century tuning machine designs, featuring simple steel plates and open gears. Replacements for the originals have long been sought by collectors and repairmen, to restore older guitars and improve their tuning. Our special relic nickel-finished versions complement vintage hardware and add an authentic look to reproduction guitars.

  • 15:1 gear ratio for improved tuning
  • Vintage-style riveted worm supports
  • Handsome grained ivoroid knobs; relic nickel tuners have knobs with a matte finish
  • .236" (6.00mm) string post diameter
  • Original mounting screw spacing (screws incuded)
  • 1-3/8" (34.93mm) string post spacing
  • Bright nickel or relic nickel finishes

Also available to fit solid pegheads.

Note: Plate-mounted tuners can't work efficiently if the pegholes are improperly aligned. Our Tuner Drill Jig ensures the correct spacing for accurate tuning.

"The Golden Age Restoration tuners are really great. I have just put them onto my 1929 Gibson L-1...I like the fact that someone went to the trouble of making them look right." —John Evans, Brussels Belgium

"Great tuners with the right look and feel! The only thing different about them is that they are better made and more functional." —Richard Barnes, Pomona CA

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Engraved Bell-end

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Golden age tuner

By Ron N from Owens crossroads al
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Golden age slotted head tuner set is nice however, when installed on my 1930's Mauer guitar (such that the screw holes align) the tuner shaft turns backward like the Loar-era mandolin tuners do. Turning the tuners backward is awkward. Installing the tuners so the shafts turn in the traditional direction would require filling the existing screw holes and drilling new ones which I do not want to do on my vintage Mauer guitar.

Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar with Engraved Bell-end 

By Geoff Bartley from Boston
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, February 04, 2014

These tuners have the high gear ratio we all prefer. They are precise and pleasing to the touch and the eye. They look great on any guitar but are especially appropriate for older ones. I put them on a 1958 Martin 00-21 (12-fret design, slotted headstock, 1 and 7/8 at nut, Sitka over Brazilian) and they look right. The buttons are grained faux ivory... lovely. Dick Boak of Martin Guitars gives them a thumbs up. If they're good enough for Dick, they're good enough for me! Highly recommended.

Beautiful, precision could be better

By EricD from France
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I put these on a vintage 6-strings banjo, they really look very, very nice and fit well the vintage style of the instrument. Of course they do not have the precision of modern tuners but I can accept that for an oldie...


By jae from england
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I've just received the tuners...they're excellent...BUT...If you're going for aged nickel you're unlikely to want pure white buttons (even if they're called ivoroid) Golden Age 12 string six-a-side tuners have lovely yellowy buttons -not quite as good quality, but much better colour and very effective.

Great product, but needs a bit of improvement

By Uncle Gary from upstate NY
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, February 04, 2012

I used these tuners to upgrade the clunky stock tuners on a Washburn parlor guitar. They are beautiful tuners, well crafted, but fitting them pointed out a couple of problems.

First, the string posts are short. They barely spanned the width of the slot and reached the inner holes. They need to be 1/16 longer. Keep this in mind if your string slots are wider than normal.

Second, the wave washers at the base of the posts are larger diameter than the posts, themselves, so I had to countersink the post holes in the headstock to clear them. Fix these problems and I'd give you 5 stars.

The installed tuners do look great and work well. but the short posts give me cause for concern in the long run (on this guitar).

Great tuners

By HP Guitars Bluewey from Holland EU
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 02, 2011

These are beautiful tuners and they appropriate very well with the peghead which I developed.

And I also think they are a littlebit short and might have been 5mm (0.19") longer. Hopefully they will last for a long time.

The service of StewMac is good I think.

This guitar won the 3th price of the acoustic guitars last saturday at the Dutch Guitarbuildersmeeting and it's my first one.

Regards Bluewey

Vintage tuners

By Shaun Newman from Crediton, Devon, England
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 28, 2011

I have used these tuners on a repro French style 19th century classical salon guitar and they look just right. Great value for money, and good looking tuners.

Golden age tuners for a golden age steel

By John Fay from Paauilo, Hawaii
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, March 01, 2011

When the original tuners on my 1930 National Style 4 squareneck joined their ohana in the sky, I was at a loss for what to use as replacements. At the time, I went with the Waverley "3 on a plate" tuners as they were the closest option. Though they are notably the finest tuner available, they always seemed out of place on the National. Partly due to the National's misaligned pegholes and the Waverley's .249 post diameter, the Waverley's never really fit.

What a blessing the Golden Age tuners are. Though they are not the same engraving as the original tuners, they drop right in, and the relic finish matches well with the 80 year old well loved nickel plating of my National. In short; I love these tuners and so does my Golden Age National :-)

Golden Age Restoration Engraved Tuners Revisited

By SteinyGuitars from Beaverton/Portland, OR
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am upgrading my review to 4 stars. Most vintage guitars need some degree of touch-up, so this is a minor inconvenience when compared to the extremely high quality of these tuners.

Golden Age Tuners - Flawed Perfection

By SteinyGuitars from Beaverton/Portland, OR
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, November 18, 2010

These are beautiful, precise tuners (which I WILL use on my handmade guitars) that have one noticeable flaw: they need to be 1/8" longer on the upper end. I recently replaced the original tuners on a 1960's Brazilian D-35S with a set of these. But they were not long enough to cover the outline and screw hole of the original tuners on the upper ends. I used them anyway, and told the customer that I could touch it up in the future, if he wanted. Otherwise, they would earn 5 stars, but only 3 1/2 for now...

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