Hipshot Ultralite Individual Bass Tuner with Fender-style Knob

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Hipshot Ultralite Individual Bass Tuner with Fender-style Knob

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Hipshot Ultralite Individual Bass Tuner with Fender-style Knob

About This Item

Lightweight compact tuner for smaller bass headstocks with 20:1 gear ratio. Convertible for installation on either side of the peghead.

Mounting screw, washer, and hex bushing included; 9/16"-diameter peghole required. Sold individually.

These tuners weigh 1.8 oz. each, compared to approx 2.3 oz. for a sealed Gotoh tuner and 3.5 oz. for a Schaller-style tuner.

Pilot holes required: Installing delicate screws such as these into hard maple requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend using a 3/32" bit for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.

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Replaced machine heads on Warwick Corvette Standard 5-S

(Customer's Reviews)

My 11 year old Warwick 5-stringer broke the A string tuner, RATS! I've never done a repair like this before, but researched and researched, and accomplished the whole thing right and painlessly! All five tuners changed and loving the custom look with Fender style knobs on the Warwick.
Dealing with StewMac to get the parts was 1-2-3 nice and easy. Thank you!


Hip to use Hipshot

(Customer's Reviews)

I recently bought a Fender Jazz Bass with Schaller/Gotoh style tuners. Preferring the look of the classic Fender-style tuners for this particular Fender bass, I decided to replace them with these Hipshot ultra-lights. Installation was a breeze, the one simple screw on the back of the headstock matched the existing hole perfectly. Furthermore there was no conflict, nor difficulty with the fittings or ferrules on the front of the peghead. This Jazz Bass looks way cooler now with the Hipshots than it did with the Gotohs. They work great too, which is important... but in this case I bought them mainly for cosmetic reasons. Nice product!


Hipshot Ultralite Bass Tuners

(Customer's Reviews)

These tuners are well made. Easy to switch the knobs for inline or 2 + 2 pegholes. Expensive, yes but worth it!


Perfect Tuners

(Customer's Reviews)

I fixed or improved the balance and performance of a 90's LP and a '72 SB-350. Perfect classic elephant ears, better balance, and smooth, accurate tuning. They do everything perfectly, but they certainly charge enough for 'em!

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