Grover Champion Friction Banjo Tuning Pegs, Nickel, set of 4

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Grover Champion Friction Banjo Tuning Pegs, Nickel, set of 4

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Grover Champion Friction Banjo Tuning Pegs, Nickel, set of 4

About This Item

Traditional non-geared pegs for 1/2" to 11/16" peghead thicknesses and 11/32"-diameter pegholes. Nickel-plated brass with black plastic knobs. The knob screw adjusts the peg tension.

Note: Our replacement knobs will not fit these pegs.

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Inexpensive and look fine

(Customer's Reviews)

Installation is straight forward and the pegs work like they are supposed to. As to complaints that they look like plastic - they are plastic. Many of the early pegs were celluloid (a collodian derivative) or later, bakelite(a formaldehyde resin). They also looked like plastic. Only some the very expensive banjos used ivory. One problem - these pegs only come in black. The 5th peg only comes in white. So you either have to buy one black tuner knob or 4 white tuner knobs if you want your pegs all the same color.


Stewmac experience

(Customer's Reviews)

Currently working on a banjo (100+yrs). This is a new project for me, I usually mess with guitars (my own). Got a calfskin, a bridge, a tailpiece, strings, all recommended by StewMac, and MOST of all LOTS of good help and advice from ALL the people at the StewShop, (sorry about the nickname guys, it's a thing I have). Everything arrived when expected, (I am in Northern Ireland, not exactly "round the corner") Oops, got tension keys as well. Got to keep this old guy as near original as possible. After all, he's been sitting in an attic for, ????? years. Dried out, neglected, gotta feel sorry for him, needs some TLC. Anyway, this is really to say that, over the years I have had a good many dealings with StewMac, and these people make you feel like you are part of their "Family". If the above doesn't tell you how I feel about the parts I purchase, the service I get, and the general feeling of knowing, I see it, I order it, I ask about it. I'm gonna get satisfaction, EVERY TIME? Hey, it's a no brainer, Billy Harrison (THEM)


tuning pegs

(Customer's Reviews)

Fantastic product. Installed on my banjo and once broken in, hold tuning extremely well and look great.

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