Guitar String Retainers

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Guitar String Retainers Chrome, set of 2

Chrome, set of 2

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Guitar String Retainers Black, set of 2

Black, set of 2

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Guitar String Retainers Gold, set of 2

Gold, set of 2

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Guitar String Retainers

About This Item

These metal string trees screw into a Fender or similar peghead to maintain the string angle at the nut. Each holds down two strings.

Same style string retainers that were used on a post '57 Strat®, Tele® and similar instruments.

Set of 2 includes: 2 string retainers with mounting screws, and spacers (short and tall). Use the short spacer for the E & B strings (many early instruments only used one string retainer for the E and B strings).

Pilot holes required:
Installing delicate screws such as these into hard maple requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend using a 5/64" bit for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.

Use #1713 bit to install the Guitar String Retainers:

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(Customer's Reviews)

Do not use the screws provided ! Even with careful pre-drilling, these screws will snap with the slightest of resistance. In order for the tree to work properly it needs to be well secured into the wood of the headstock (to be able to hold onto the downward pressure of the strings) and so the screws need to bite into the wood...the problem is that just trying to achieve minimal bite will cause these terribly weak screws to snap. I guess that's why Stew-Mac sells the broken screw rescue kit, so you can fix the damage of their sub-par hardware. Again, THROW THE SCREWS OUT IMMEDIATELY and get some that are more solid, not made of useless weak metal.


Sometime Different Is Better?

(Customer's Reviews)

These retainers might not look as good as some, but there beauty is that they will perform better and they look fine...!


String Trees

(Customer's Reviews)

I have used these before and have been very happy with the results and had no hesitation about using them again

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