Lokstrap System, Set of 2

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Lokstrap System, Set of 2

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Lokstrap System, Set of 2

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Patented strap security with no guitar modification!

With the strap in place, fit the Lokstrap™ over the strap button. A half-turn locks it in place; another half-turn removes it. Set of 2.

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Works on bass

(Customer's Reviews)

I've only used 'em at a rehearsal so far & seems to work OK (I play bass - does it matter what brands? Yamaha RBX & an ESP/LTD 8 string). The only thing I can comment on is that 1 was quite a bit loose, whilst the other was tighter. As with my original review - sure beats the messy gaff tape overkill I've seen other high profile bands use (can't they afford serious strap locking devices - or do they have Shares in the company/gaff fetishes?).



(Customer's Reviews)

First of all don't expect much, its just a couple of plastic pieces. And if you're fine with drilling into your guitar, than maybe you should go with the traditional strap locks. This one works like those beer caps some people use. But if your main goal (like mine was) is to secure your guitar without making modifications in it, it will be a good solution. And its inexpensive so it worth a try. I use it with my beloved American Standard Strat, with the provided strap, and it fits perfectly. I never had any problems, but It's a good idea to check if its well locked before going on stage.


Never without 

(Customer's Reviews)

I have been using the Lokstraps on a heavy Custom LP model and light Melody Makers ans stat-style guitars. This safety system is inexpensive, reliable and seems to be durable. No drillings or modifications required. I wouldn't use it with a too slim guitar strap on a nitro finished guitar for the plastic dishes are quite wide and they might leave traces of use all around them. Apart from that, I would never again hit the stage without the lokstraps on my guitars! Toto

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