Truss Rod Nuts for Gibson<sup>&reg;</sup> - 6 Pack Short Taper

Short Taper

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Truss Rod Nuts for Gibson<sup>&reg;</sup> - 6 Pack Long Taper

Long Taper

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Replacement brass nuts as used on Gibson® instruments. The short taper version matches pre-1950s Gibsons.

Gibson used short taper truss rod nuts from the late teens into the early 1950s. The short taper leaves more metal for the hex sides, which gives wrenches a good grip. Gibson started using the long taper nuts in the 1950s, and continues to use them today.

5/16" hex brass
5/16" length
10-32 thread

Package of 6. Brass.

Tech Tip: A drop of Tri-Flow on the threads helps keep the truss rod working smoothly.

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Truss Rod Nuts for Gibson® - 6 Pack

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