Spoke Wheel Truss Rod Nut

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Spoke Wheel Truss Rod Nut

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Spoke Wheel Truss Rod Nut

About This Item

Adjusts a bolt-on neck at the heel. The spoke wheel truss rod nut allows you to adjust the neck while it's still bolted on, and without removing the pickguard.

The 1/2"-diameter spoke nut is designed to protrude slightly from the neck heel; insert a thin tool into the side of the nut to turn it. Spoke wheel truss rod nuts have a 10-32 thread, are 1-1/8" length, and have a black oxide finish.

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Thank God for this Little Part

(Customer's Reviews)

I've been wanting a Charvel Strat head for years now but they're very difficult to find with spoke truss rod nuts. Even then they're Custom Shop guitars which are $$$ and never what I want. On the other hand I can get used Charvel USA Production guitars all day long for good prices and with the addition of this part, along with a little body and neck modification, I can get the Charvel Strat head I want with a truss I can quickly and easily adjust. I've done one project because of this part so far and I've four more in the queue. Thanks for making this part available!


Pretty good, could be a little better

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a pretty good spoke nut. I wish that it was available in stainless steel, and it would be really nice if the wheel itself had more metal - if it was a bigger diameter, it could be a little more solid. Between the black oxide finish and the lack of heft to the wheel, it looks ever-so-slightly cheap. That being said, there seems to be zero commercially-available competition for this product, and I keep buying them...


easy adjust truss rod nut

(Customer's Reviews)

Installed this item on my guitar and several of my pro customers. Looks good, easy to use and saves time removing neck from Fender type guitars.

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