NoJak Endpin

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NoJak Endpin

About This Item

De-electrifying your acoustic guitar? Replace your strap jack with our unique NoJak endpin and restore the traditional look.

No woodworking, gluing, plugging, redrilling or reaming—the NoJak endpin fits the same 1/2"-diameter hole. The Allen-adjustable expansion sleeve gives a secure fit. And if you ever decide to plug in again, swapping back to your strap jack is no big deal.

Guitarmakers: The NoJak endpin lets you drill the same hole size for all your acoustic and acoustic-electric models, with no additional reaming or tapering.

The NoJak Endpin was designed by the Stewart-MacDonald R&D team.

The pin slides into the 3/4"-long plastic expansion sleeve, and adjusts from inside the guitar with the supplied black metal screw. 5/32" (4mm) Allen wrench required.

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Good bit a small mod needed

(Customer's Reviews)

I would recommend the base of the endpin itself have a larger diameter to cover the hole completely


So Far, So Good

(Customer's Reviews)

I soon realized that there was no way I could get my arm into the sound hole of my jumbo far enough to adjust the screw.

No problem, I inserted the unit a bit from the outside of the guitar, it was loose, removed it, tightened the screw, then it was a bit too tight due to having expanded during the insertion of the screw. Backed it off, and retightened, backed it off, retightened again, alternating a few more times until it was a nice snug, but not too tight fit. I lightly tapped it in, and voila, a new strap pin.


No Jak endpin

(Customer's Reviews)

When I first tried to install it I was in agreement with those who said it does not work in a standard 1/2" hole. But I was trying to insert it with the endpin pushed into the spacer too far which expands the spacer and causes it to not fit. The endpin needs to be inserted loosely in the spacer sleeve with the tension screw backed off enough that it does not expand the spacer.Then slide the whole unit far enough into the hole so that the pin itself is nearly flush with the outside of the guitar bottom. This requires pushing on the sleeve with a thin edge (I used a coffee stir stick). Don't push on the endpin or it will expand the sleeve and it won't go in far enough.When the allen screw is tightened it will expand the spacer and it works as advertised.
I suggest it would be helpful to include a set of directions or even put a demo vid on the site here.

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