Bone Bridge Pins

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High quality old-style lathe-turned bridge pins in genuine bone. All pins have a 5-degree taper.

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Bone Bridge Pins Unslotted, no dot, set of 6

Unslotted, no dot, set of 6

Item # 4970
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6 or more $20.82
Bone Bridge Pins Unslotted, with black dot, set of 6

Unslotted, with black dot, set of 6

Item # 4971
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6 or more $22.22
Bone Bridge Pins Slotted, no dot, set of 6

Slotted, no dot, set of 6

Item # 4970-S
In stock, ready to ship!


6 or more $21.92
Bone Bridge Pins Slotted, with black dot, set of 6

Slotted, with black dot, set of 6

Item # 4971-S
In stock, ready to ship!


6 or more $22.72
Bone Bridge Pins Slotted, oversized with no dot, set of 6

Slotted, oversized with no dot, set of 6

Item # 4973-S
In stock, ready to ship!


6 or more $21.92
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High quality old-style lathe-turned bridge pins in genuine bone. All pins have a 5-degree taper.

Slotted pins have a 0.070" (1.78mm) string slot. Oversized pins are thicker for worn bridge pin holes. Sold in packages of 6.

These bridge pins match our endpins and strap buttons.

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Chopping the ends off bridge pins

If you're not careful, installing new strings can create a problem that throws you out of tune or damages your bridge pin holes. Elliot John-Conry of EJC Guitars shows us an easy fix.

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Bone Bridge Pins

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Colours are not even close to consistant...

By Rhythm Shack from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I bought these together with a saddle and nut. All are completely different colours... Not impressed.

Nice upgrade

By Mike Cusano from Neptune, NJ 
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Ordered these for my '81 Guild D-40 to replace the OEM plastic pins. Perfect fit! What a difference. Excellent upgrade at a good price.

Half good

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I had ordered 2 sets of bone bridges pins. One is perfect but the second has pins with very different colors as you can see on the photo, that's not correct to build a perfect guitar.

String slot a bit tight for low 'E'

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, June 23, 2014

Well, that's the worst thing I can say, got a low E string good and stuck before sanding the groove a bit more. That was for a Dean Markley double helix light set, which is 52mm on the fat string. These strings are a bit thicker on the back winding though. Colors are inconsistent and fit needs to be customized. Still about the best option available for bone pins. Big benefit if they were packaged more consistently. From reading the reviews, seems it would be beneficial to offer a bit smaller size.

Bone Bridge Pins Martin D-35

By Lakersguy from Laguna Hills , California
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, May 23, 2014

These pins fit perfectly in my 1973 Martin D-35. I think they fit well because of the newer bridge that was installed on the Martin. Not sure they make a difference in sound yet but time will tell.

Bone Bridge Pins

By Millie1974 from Kentucky
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, March 16, 2014

PERECTAMUNDO!!! These things just make my Gibson Hummingbird sing!!!

Second Set I've Purchased

By Tom C from Lake Village, AR
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, February 25, 2014

These oversize pins were just the ticket for my Gibson Custom Shop J60. Don't know if this was something intentional from Gibson, but the bridge pin holes on this guitar have been oversized since I bought it new in 1994. When the original pins wore out I bought a set of Martin pins at a local music shop and they just about fell through the holes. The smaller pins would work, but when changing strings I had to be really careful as I tightened them and keep pushing the pins back down until the string finally locked in. Could never find a set that really fit until I found these at Stew-Mac a couple of years ago. They fit perfect and sound great - definitely an upgrade over any other pin material I've tried. Only reason for giving these a 4 instead of a 5 is due to the slot size. Not just an issue with these pins but all others I've used as well. I use medium gage strings on all my acoustics and the slots are just plain not big enough for the .056 low E and just barely big enough for the .045 A. This puts a lot of strain on the pin. Plastic pins will just deform, but bone eventually will split up the middle from the strain, which explains why I'm on my second set. First set lasted about a year, but not complaining about that and they sound & fit so good that I will keep using them.

Didn't fit!

By banjaboy from Vancouver BC Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, January 03, 2014

Just sent the pins back yesterday, my Martin need pins with groove down through collar, Stew Mac doesn't sell 'em. But hey, after sale service was excellent, no problem returning them. Need to have a better variety of pins in stock or at least better description

Change your pins now!

By Alan Day from Cape Town, South Africa
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, September 06, 2013

If you want a better guitar, get rid of your plastic parts first. At first I thought brass pins better until I did a test recording of both - bone is the best. It's not as harsh as brass. I have now replaced both the Nut and the Bridge saddle of my Martin with bone and it's like a different guitar - one of triple it's price range. Being bone - expect color variations from pin to pin. Mine were not perfectly matched. The bottom line change your pins for now!

what a difference

By mike the derbyman from odenton maryland
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, August 25, 2013

I retro fit my 1890 parlor guitar with these pins and now the sustain is unbelievable.... the bone material really adds a great sparkling sound and the abalone dot adds to the look of the guitar. Great product from Stew-Mac.....thanks

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