Schaller Bridge/Tailpiece

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A high quality bridge with attached tailpiece for solidbody guitar. Height-adjustable mounting studs include knurled bushings. Chrome.

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Schaller Bridge/Tailpiece

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A high quality bridge with attached tailpiece for solidbody guitar. Height-adjustable mounting studs include knurled bushings. Chrome.

Two alignment screws adjust the overall intonation, and the notched saddles have individual intonation screws.

String spread
Saddle radius
Stud spacing
Stud threads

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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Schaller Bridge/Tailpiece

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In Tune...Finally!

By Jim from Sioux Falls, SD 
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, September 05, 2014

I replaced a wraparound bridge on a Gibson Les Paul Special with this fully adjustable Schaller. I was able to use the original bushings as this bridge lined up perfectly. This bridge is stellar! Intonation is now perfect (unattainable before), and I believe the tone is better. Replacing it was simple. Glad I did it. Thanks Stewmac!


By Tiki from Croatia
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 01, 2014

If you want something really solid and heavy duty....looks wonderful and works excellent. Tone and

Excellent Bridge

By Terry Chislett from Rochester, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, June 08, 2013

This is the second Schaller Bridge/Tailpiece that I have bought. The workmanship is excellent! I did not have to install the dowels to mount the bridge, they fit perfectly. The latest bridge was installed on a Gibson Melody Maker Explorer. It made all the difference in the world. The ability to adjust the intonation for each individual string is invaluable.

Schaller Bridge/Tailpiece

By Martin from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, May 12, 2013

my predecessor reviewers said it all. I loved it!


By Wayno from Esperance, WA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 12, 2012

Needed a Bridge/Tailpiece with a slightly longer adjustment reach on the saddles and having tried a few of the other types (which are ok but didn't live up to my standards) this one is perfect as well as being an extreemly well crafted item from a very reliable brand

Schaller bridge/tailpiece

By Francis Voignier from Arcata, CA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, March 11, 2012

A great product with mass that contributes to fabulous sustain. But it's also a bulky item that can impact the look of your instrument... But what it lacks in finesse is well rewarded with tone.

Quality Design and Build

By Boom from Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, February 10, 2012

This Schaller bridge is a functional work of art! Everything about this bridge exudes quality; from the precision adjustment of the studs and notched, brass saddles; to how the strings are top loaded and then wrapped around a detachable bar, protecting my axes finish during string changes. Even though Schaller includes mounting studs, I have upgrade to the Tone Pros locking studs and find that the sustain and clarity of my guitar is phenomenal. I have looked at other bridges, namely the Schroeder which in my opinion is an inferior product with swank style. The Schaller's appearance is first class and therefore made the final cut (see photo).

satisified customer

By lynn foster from newport news, VA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, November 05, 2011

i have been a woodworker for more than 35 years and i have started to learn ( slowly) playing the guitar and am simply drawn to look at guitar as fine art and combinded woodworking with guitar making and loving every minuit. my next to last guitar i made i used a schaller bridge/tailpiece that not only works well but looks great. after over a year one of bridge screws came loose.stewmac sent me another one the same day at no cost to me. i am very pleased with both prouduct and service l. m foster

Schaller Bridge / Tailpiece

By NoHoliday from Georgia
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, December 26, 2010

Purchased this for an upgrade to a Les Paul Jr. that had the factory bridge and intonation issues. This unit is solid. It's easy to adjust. The guitar is now capable (for the first time) of really being in tune the full range of the neck. The unit looks great. For an LP Jr., you won't be able to use the included splined inserts but the threaded studs that come with the bridge have the same thread pattern as the originals. Just leave the original inserts in the guitar. You can replace the bridge in about 1 additional minute when you replace strings. The ability to set overall spacing of the bridge is great. Really nice plating job and craftsmanship.

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