Adjustable Wraparound Bridge

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Adjustable Wraparound Bridge

About This Item

A modern reproduction of the first combo bridge/tailpiece to feature individually adjustable saddles.

The wraparound design brought accurate intonation to Les Paul Junior®, SG Junior® and similar solidbody guitars, and has been popular since the 1970s.

String spread
Saddle radius
Stud spacing
Stud threads
M8 x 1.25mm

Two alignment screws adjust the overall intonation. The height-adjustable mounting studs include knurled bushings. The strings load from the front of the die-cast base, wrap over the back of the bridge, and over the notched saddles. Drill 7/16" (11mm) holes for the bushings.

About bridge & tailpiece measurements

Bridge and Tailpiece reference image

String spread is the distance between the centers of the outer strings on a bridge or tailpiece.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

Tip: Slotting Tune-o-matic style saddles
Nut slotting files work great for metal saddles. Choose your file size as you would when slotting a nut: use the same gauge as the string, or a few thousandths larger. After filing to the desired depth, we suggest polishing the slot with Mitchell's Abrasive Cord to remove file marks and burrs.

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Nice bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

Nice bridge and if you're prone to errors setting saddle location this bridge is for you, TONS of adjustment. Much better than a traditional Jr. bridge. but I still like a roller T.O.M. better.


Badass bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

I've looked around and this is the best. The bridge is exactly what is was looking for. Very well made and the saddles are brass. The adjusting screws fit perfect so I didn't have to pull the original nuts out of the body. Super fast shipping. I am so happy. I found my store where I am buying all my guitar parts!!


didn't work for me.

(Customer's Reviews)

Seems well made but is too tall to get the action low enough for my tastes on a Gibson Melody Maker V.



(Customer's Reviews)

This bridge allowed me to finally get accurate intonation on my Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Special (already modified with the addition of a neck pickup). I use .009s on this guitar because I do a LOT of extreme bends (minor 3rd - fourth), so I had to do a little smoothing of the first string saddle to stop the breakage I was getting - small price to pay for great intonation!


Simple and Affordable

(Customer's Reviews)

Great simple bridge that will upgrade your non adjustable wrap around bridges. Good quality for the price.


Excellent Choice

(Customer's Reviews)

I recently purchased this wraparound bridge as a replacement on a Les Paul Jr. I'm pleased with this one. No more intonation problems whatsoever and the Gold dressed this black Jr. up real nice. If you're looking to replace your old stop tail bridge with something that will get you intonated all the way up the neck, you won't go wrong with this piece or Stew-Mac. No waiting games here. Mine went straight out and was sitting on my axe in three days.
Thanks Stew-Mac. You're my first choice.


Adjustable Wraparound Bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

Great bridge. Everything I expected.


Great wrap-around for the price!

(Customer's Reviews)

Had a non-adjustable bridge, put the new one on and it helped the guitar 100%. Intonation is now possible!


Cool little bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a cool little bridge. Worked great for the LP Jr I was building. A couple of things to watch out for though:

1: Careful how close to the bridge pickup you put it. I have mine too close, and it's a little difficult to feed strings through it.

2: On mine the saddles were fairly sharp, and I've broken a number of strings right across them. I filed them a bit and threw some pencil lead dust in there...seems to help so far.

3: The post are the width of a tailpiece, and not a tune-o-matic, so if your body is drilled for a tune-o-matic bridge like mine was, be prepared to do some hole filling.


Inexpensive but effective

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this to fix a Maestro/Gibson Mini-V, which had misplaced bridge posts. The threaded posts have the same pitch as the sockets on the Mini-V, but I had reduce the diameter of posts where the bridge sits because the fit was too tight. This was also a problem with the original bridge as well. The radius is a pretty good match without modification and at the lowest setting for the bridge the action is pretty good as well. This bridge is definitely not a high quality item, but it offers smoking value for the $$. Inexpensive. Effective.

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