String Lock Insert for Floyd Rose

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For Schaller Locking Tremolo

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For Golden Age Locking Tremolo

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String Lock Insert for Floyd Rose

About This Item

The little black metal block that clamps the string inside a Floyd Rose® bridge saddle.

It's a good idea to keep a few on hand to replace lost or deformed originals—it could save your gig.

These are the inserts installed in the Schaller Locking Tremolo and our Golden Age Locking Tremolo. The inserts are interchangeable.

Sold individually.

Both inserts also fit original Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose II tremolos.

String Lock Insert For Schaller Locking Tremolo
Width .156" (3.96mm)
Height .248" (6.29mm)
Length .156" (3.96mm)

String Lock Insert for Golden Age Locking Tremolo
Width .150" (3.80mm)
Height .265" (6.73mm)
Length .156" (3.96mm)

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Floyd Rose type string lock insert

(Customer's Reviews)

Works perfect, order extra to keep in your gig bag because the are easily lost when changing strings.


String Lock Insert for Floyd Rose

(Customer's Reviews)

I picked up an old guitar at a pawn shop the other day, and the nut who owned it before had taken all the inserts out and thrown them away. StewMac to the rescue! 30 years ago a friend lost one and we had to file down a replacement from a brass pin we pulled out of a master lock. I love the internet and how easy you can find things these days.



(Customer's Reviews)

I bought these to replace some on my Washburn BT-6's Floyd Rose bridge. I have neither a Golden Age nor a Schaller FR Trem, so I bought the cheaper ones, the ones intended for the Golden Age FR Trem. They are slightly smaller and I have to be careful not to tip the guitar over, or they fall out, but that's only when changing strings. Otherwise they fit perfectly with all the other hardware surrounding them.

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