Golden Age Locking Tremolo System

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Golden Age Locking Tremolo System

About This Item

The most whammy per dollar!
All the functionality of the Floyd Rose®, for less than half the price.

All the dive-bombing, whammying and fine-tuning functionality of the Floyd Rose® (most of the parts are interchangeable), for less than half the price. The fully adjustable steel bridge includes arm, studs with bushings, brass sustain block, spring/claw assembly, steel R4-style locking nut with peghead string retainer bar, and Allen wrenches. The adjustable die-cast saddles are designed for plain-end string mounting, just like the original.

Retrofit your solidbody and save some serious cash!

Bridge specifications
String spread: 2-1/8" (53.97mm)
Saddle radius: 14" (355.60mm)
Minimum stud spacing: 2-15/16" (74.61mm)
Sustain block depth: 1-1/4" (31.75mm)
Studs and bushings: Black Allen-adjustable fine-thread studs, with 11/32" x 25/64" knurled brass bushings.
Use a 10mm drill bit to install the bushings.

Locking nut specifications
Width: R4-style 1-11/16" (42.86mm)
String spread: 1-7/16" (36.51mm)
Through-neck and top-mount attachment screws included

Peghead string retainer bar
Length: 1-29/32" (48.42mm)
Radius: 14"
Screw spacing: 1-1/8" (28.58mm)

Guitar body and neck routing may be required for installation.
To retrofit your Strat® or for a new solidbody installation, we recommend our Tremolo Mounting Templates for accurate results. This tremolo may not be a direct replacement for Ibanez, Jackson, Washburn or other locking tremolos.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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Replaced a Kahler Spider II with the golden age tremolo

(Customer's Reviews)

my golden age tremolo sounds awesome, not bad at all. After installation, and painstaking calibration, I played it every day for a week, and every day it stayed almost dead on in tune. Not crazy about the play in the tremolo arm itself, but, it can be bushed. all in all, it sounds clean, bright, and helps the Fender Prodigy sound full like it was supposed to sound in the first place. My Kahler Spider II always sounded dull and lifeless, even with new strings, i was always baffled. the golden age tremolo has caused me to fall in love with this guitar again, very impressed!


Got one, ready to buy another

(Customer's Reviews)

Replaced the flimsy FR-licenced thing on my jackson performer with one of these. Much more tone & sustain! Good construction too. Did need some extra routing onthe surface of the body, mind you, as it's a different size.

I think it's a great tremolo. Just contacted a guitarbuilder to have one installed on my parts strat, too.

Too bad sending it to The Netherlands (where I live) means a lot of p&p ànd import duties. But I still think it's worth the extra cost.


Don't plan on recessing it

(Customer's Reviews)

If you are planning to mount this on top of your guitar it should work, but if you want to recess it, be prepared to do extra routing yourself. It is wider than both the schaller and the floyd rose original, so it will not fit routes designed for either of those.

Also, you better hope you know what you are doing, because this is shipped as a few bags of parts, with no instructions or directions as to whether you should follow the schaller licensed or original floyd rose instructions which are widely available online. Even the stewmac fret position calculator doesn't tell you whether to mount the bridge the distance for a floyd rose original, or schaller.

The parts all seem to be of decent quality, but if I had it to do over again, I would have definitely chosen the schaller the first time.

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