Replogle Resonator Cone for Biscuit Bridge

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Replogle Resonator Cone for Biscuit Bridge Fits 9-1/2" soundwell

Fits 9-1/2" soundwell

Item # 5825
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Replogle Resonator Cone for Biscuit Bridge Fits 10-1/2" soundwell

Fits 10-1/2" soundwell

Item # 5826
In stock, ready to ship!


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Replogle Resonator Cone for Biscuit Bridge

About This Item

Handspun by master craftsman Mike Replogle. Original equipment in many fine American resonator guitars since the '90s.

Mike Replogle is the latest in a direct line of old-school cone-spinning masters who have passed down their skills. Featuring a special aluminum alloy that hardens after spinning, his handmade cones have been original equipment in many fine American resonator guitars since the '90s. These close-tolerance cones are now available directly to players and individual builders—a great way to hot-rod your guitar for better tone and volume.

Item  Diameter Depth 
#5825 Fits 9-1/2" soundwell  9-1/2" (240mm)  1-1/4" (31.75mm) 
#5826 Fits 10-1/2" soundwell  10-3/8" (264mm)  1-1/4" (31.75mm) 



Product Instructions

Resonator Guitar Set-up Techniques

An introduction to setting up a resonator guitar.

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This is really an worthwhile upgrade!


Verified Buyer

I recently completed construction of a metal body biscuit resonator. Came out very nice and sounded pretty good with the cheap cone I used during construction. Because it turned out well, I sprung for a Replogle cone. Installation was fairly straight forward and I only had to trim the bottom of the maple bridge to get the action back where I wanted it.
After reassembly and tuning I checked it out.
The first thing I noticed was volume. This cone produces a good bit more volume than the old cone.
The second thing was the brightness. Every string rang out clear and bright. Chords in open tuning are much more distinct and sound much cleaner.
I have a Beard cone on one of my other resonators and wanted to try the Replogle. It is a great product. I think a bit brighter than the Beard. I would definitely recommend this cone for an upgrade to any stock cone.
Thanks for a great product.


Best cone out there


Verified Buyer

After much debate I bought the Replogle 9 1/2" cone to replace my worn out National Hot Rod cone. I'm glad I did it. You can really tighten your biscuit down. Then the tone and volume are superior. Not as bassy with better treble response. Although it's not as bassy it's also a lot clearer. The treble is nice bright but not to bright and no shrillness. Much more sustain. I always swore by National cones but I also used to swear by cigarettes. As long as it last as long or longer than the three months I've been getting from the Hot Rods I'll never go back.


Nailed it!!


Verified Buyer

Got the Washburn R360K and immediately followed reviewers' advice to upgrade the rather bland cone. Just sounded like the difference between old and new strings while finger picking--until my roomies were gone and I was able to bust out the finger picks and slide. Holy crap!! The thing barks and sings in a clear, bright voice. Finger picks and slide on the original cone sounded dull and lifeless. This is just what I was hoping for.

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