Guitar String Ferrules

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Guitar String Ferrules Chrome, set of 6

Chrome, set of 6

Item # 0173
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Guitar String Ferrules Gold, set of 6

Gold, set of 6

Item # 0173-G
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Guitar String Ferrules Black, set of 6

Black, set of 6

Item # 0173-B
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Guitar String Ferrules Relic Nickel, set of 6

Relic Nickel, set of 6

Item # 0173-RN
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10 or more $10.61
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Guitar String Ferrules

About This Item

For mounting the strings through the body of a non-tremolo solidbody guitar.

A better match on vintage guitars: the Relic Nickel plating has an aged look, perfect for repairing old guitars, when shiny hardware looks out of place.

Drill 1/8" (3.00mm) diameter string holes through the guitar body for all ferrules.

Flange diameter: 25/64" (9.92mm)
Mounting hole required: 5/16" (8mm)
Overall depth: 11/32" (8.73mm)

Set of 6.

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(Customer's Reviews)

I got as replacements. Worked out nice


Finding StewMac Helped Me Inspire More Kids

(Customer's Reviews)

I've been a guitar hobbyist all my life, no ambition to be in a band ever, or be a real guitar technician, but I like to work on them, and in general just love the darn, angry six-string contraptions.

A couple years ago I started doing what I simply call 'guitar rescue', based on the notion that nearly every home in America has an abandoned guitar somewhere, and for every one of those, there's a kid somewhere that would love to own one. So, I spend money to get what I need to get them fixed, and gift them to kids. Cool, right?

So, I found StewMac through advice from my local music store, that didn't have all that I needed to setup an obscure guitar I found, but StewMac did, and I now will choose to upgrade all the hardware on future projects, rather than just get them working again.

I've also shared your catalog with fellow woodworking hobbyist friends, and there's lots of interest in the products, even for non-guitar people - layout tools, jigs and unique clamping devices, finishing products, etc.

Thanks guys! You're the best.


string fellules

(Customer's Reviews)

great products . great service.

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