String Saver Classic Saddles

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String Saver Classic Saddles

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String Saver Classic Saddles

About This Item

Traditional tone with reduced string breakage!
For Strat or Tele with 2-1/16" (52.39mm) string spread at the bridge.

Replacement stainless steel saddles with embedded inserts of Graph Tech's super-slick lube-action polymer. Play longer and harder with less string breakage. These saddles have a traditional appearance and the tonal bite of steel.

How do the String Saver saddle inserts work?
Graph Tech has found that a slotted metal saddle can stress a vibrating string at a specific point, resulting in metal fatigue and eventual string breakage. The high-density polymer insert on a String Saver Classics saddle is impregnated with Teflon, 500% more slippery than graphite. Non-corroding self-lubricating action eases and spreads the stress just enough to drastically reduce string breakage, no matter how hard you play.

String Saver Classics saddles have been factory-installed by Fender and Tom Anderson Guitars.

Important: Measure your guitar's bridge saddles before ordering!

2-1/16" string spread

13/32"W x 13/16"L x 13/64"H (10.41mm x 20.83mm x 5.20mm)

Set of 6 ncludes
5/16" Allen height adjustment screws
5/8" intonation screws for Strat
3/4" screws for Tele
Allen wrench

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Strat G String Buzzing

(Customer's Reviews)

The String Saver saddles fixed a very bad buzzing from the "G" String on my American Standard Strat


great upgrade to chris shiflett telecaster deluxe

(Customer's Reviews)

the stock saddles that came with the guitar were second rate import bent steel. These fit perfectly. Improved tone. Left the high end zing of bent steel, but I got back the mids and the lows, which increased perceived sustain. Love 'em. Wow wow WOW. Made the guitar a keeper.


Top Quality

(Customer's Reviews)

I just installed these on my ESP LTD ST-203 to replace the vintage saddles. Top grade material saddle, good sustain and very comfortable for palm muting. Also the classic retain the authentic strat tone. They are a little expensive though.

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