Mighty Mite Tremolo Claw

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Mighty Mite Tremolo Claw

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Mighty Mite Tremolo Claw

About This Item

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This chrome-plated steel "claw" attaches up to five tremolo tension springs to the guitar body.

Mounts in the tremolo cavity, opposite from the tremolo block.

Screws sold separately.

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5 springs


Verified Buyer

I bought a G& L Tribute guitar and have been having a really good time. I have played strictly teles for the last 30 years. I did want to try Raw Vintage's packet of vintage 5 springs for the tremelo which by factory specs has only 3 springs. There are a ton of positive reviews talking about a large difference of tone depth and sustain. They are supposed to help the guitar sound like a strat made in the late 50s. The springs came and I opened the back to see a claw for 3. I ordered this claw and it came quick. I popped it in and the guitar sounds phenominal. I am glad I thought about stew mac and did not give up.


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