Wilkinson Adjustable Compensated Bridge for Tele

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Wilkinson Adjustable Compensated Bridge for Tele

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Wilkinson Adjustable Compensated Bridge for Tele

About This Item

At last, a 3-saddle bridge that can be adjusted to play in tune! A locking pivot screw in the center of each saddle allows perfect adjustment of string intonation.

This traditional chrome stamped-steel bridge fits a standard Tele® pickup, and is designed for string mounting through the guitar body (use our Guitar String Ferrules). The unplated brass saddles have Allen-adjustable height and 2-5/32" (54.77mm) string spread. Mounting screws are included. Chrome.

Positioning the bridge
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Product Instructions

Wilkinson Compensated Tele Saddles

How to install Wilkinson Compensated Tele saddles.

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Very pleased

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this bridge to replace the 6 saddle bridge on a custom Broadcaster type guitar that I own. The hex screws on the old bridge were backing out as I played and I would have to stop playing about every 15 minutes to adjust them and then occasionally I would have to do a complete setup to fix the issue temporarily. This Wilkinson bridge was a breeze to install and setup. It only took me about 30 minutes to do a hight setup and intonation which for me is a record. I like the locking feature for intonation as well. So far after several hours of playing the piece seems rock solid and nice.


Wilkinson Adjustable Compensated Bridge for Tele

(Customer's Reviews)

The best vintage like tele bridge on the market


Compensated tele bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

I like it. '69 style tele mutt with Joe Bardens, (9 to 42 strings) deserved to have the intonation issue fixed. I just swapped the bridge barrels and the screws, saving the plate for future projects. Intonation now isn't exact, but a compromise between two strings and is within a couple of cents and I wiggle more than that when fretting so this is now close enough not to bother me at all any more.Maybe with more effort I could get it spot on, but I'm happy now. I never did figure out the old screw bending, anyway. Tone is just what you expect a three brass barrel tele to be. Spanky with quick decay. Nice,easy to do fix.

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