Hipshot Hardtail Bridge

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Hipshot Hardtail Bridge Chrome


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Hipshot Hardtail Bridge

About This Item

Finely crafted bridge for non-tremolo solidbodies!

Machined from solid brass, polished and plated, this is among the most finely crafted bridges available for non-tremolo solidbody guitars with through-body string mounting. The forged steel adjustable saddles have 2-1/16" string spread. Screws and allen adjustment wrench are included.

Mounting screw spacing is 1-3/4", and the baseplate is 1/8" thick. Dimensions are 2-27/32" x 1-7/16".

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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Saddle Screws Too Short

(Customer's Reviews)

I installed this Hipshot bridge on my 71 Tele Deluxe. Once installed I found out the height screws on the saddles were not long enough and could not adjust proper action. Bummer.


The best hardtail!

(Customer's Reviews)

Very good quality bridge. Even comes with allen key and a sheet of cardboard to protect the base plate. Just remember, the mounting screws go 22.5mm past scale length (there is a slight error on the fret calculator).


What the... !

(Customer's Reviews)

I ordered the gold one...and it came with plain steel (mounting) screws that protrude higher than the plate that the saddles slide on. What a pain in the ....

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