Hipshot Tremsetter

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Hipshot Tremsetter

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Hipshot Tremsetter

About This Item

Tremolo stabilizer!
Returns a tremolo to an exact position every time.

For use with full-floating tremolos, the Hipshot™ Tremsetter automatically returns a tremolo to an exact position every time! The guitar will stay in tune better, and tuning is quicker and more accurate, because the bridge won't move due to changes in string tension. Other benefits include eliminating tremolo warble and open strings won't go flat during string bends.

Now you can palm-mute strings, play aggressive rhythm parts, string bends and double-stops, and the bridge and tuning will remain stable.

The Tremsetter works with most vintage-style and floating tremolos, including Fender, Floyd Rose®, Wilkinson and Ibanez.

Instructions are included.


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Buck spring

(Customer's Reviews)

I've installed these in my own guitars and on customers guitars. You definately can feel the trem-setter engage, but I find you soon get used to it.-That would be the downside. Plus side-Tuning stability is increased and it does prevent string warble, if that's what your objective is.



(Customer's Reviews)

took about 20 minutes to install and works great. Takes under a minute to change from e tuning to drop D and its the same way back to Standard E.


easy install

(Customer's Reviews)

I installed it in less them 30 minutes. I didn't have a long drill bit so i used an electricians trick with a coaat hangar. perfect size for the rod to pass thru. works like a champ. THe tremelo is stiffer but I don't use it that much anyway.

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