Schaller Non-Tremolo Roller Bridge

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Schaller Non-Tremolo Roller Bridge Chrome


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Schaller Non-Tremolo Roller Bridge

About This Item

A highly adjustable non-trem Strat inspired bridge that doesn't require through body stringing or string grommets.

Low-friction roller saddles adjust for intonation and height, and for string spacings from 2" to 2-3/16" (50.80mm to 55.56mm). A cam screw locks the saddles to the grooved baseplate. The strings mount at the rear of the bridge. Screws included.

The saddles and the 2-13/16" x 1-15/16" (71.44mm x 49.21mm) baseplate are brass. A removable 1/8" (3.00mm) spacer is included for raising the baseplate height if needed. Use a .050" allen wrench to adjust the saddle heights from 3/8" to 17/32" (9.53mm to 13.49mm) from the guitar body (E string positions).

Positioning the bridge
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The Perfect Bridge


So many bridges have the intonation adjusters IN THE FRONT. This places them directly under the strings, between the bridge and the pickup. In other words, they are IMPOSSIBLE to adjust with the guitar strung - which is necessary when setting the intonation. THIS bridge has the adjusters on the back, making it very simple to adjust the intonation. I will never use another bridge with adjusters on the front. In fact, I can't believe companies still make them like that. O_o

Also, because each string height is individually adjustable, this bridge can be used with any fretboard radius.

My bridge of choice from now on.


Excellent bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

The best fixed bridge for me; allows tridimensional adjustment. Very stable.


Schaller got it right

(Customer's Reviews)

THE best guitar bridge for any electric guitar project, hands down. More mass and versatility than any non-trem bridge currently available.

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