Golden Age Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge

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Golden Age Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge

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Golden Age Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge

About This Item

A quality adjustable solidbody bridge that doesn't require through-body string mounting.

A well made bridge at a great price! Attach your strings through the holes in the steel base, below the intonation screws—no body routing required. An Allen wrench is included for adjusting individual saddle heights.

String spread 1-31/32" (50mm)

Chrome. Mounting screws included.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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Bridge Placement

(Customer's Reviews)

So far so good, as the guitar this will go on will primarily be an art project; playability is almost and after thought. Just want to caution others that the bridge placement, "Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge", is based on the center of the center screw at the back of the bridge of the three back screw holes and not the "center of the forward-most mounting screw". Seeing that others are having trouble with intonation adjustment screws interfering with the string in saddle I would caution to take extra care in the bridge placement as there isn't a lot of wiggle room for adjustment like you find with the better Schaller Roller Bridge.


Golden Age Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge

(Customer's Reviews)

Great finish


Almost great

(Customer's Reviews)

It's well made and it'll be ok on the harmony solid body I installed it on, but as Steve said, because of the design, it's not gonna be easy to change strings if the saddle is adjusted back exposing the screw. But I can live with it.


Not a huge fan of this item

(Customer's Reviews)

I am giving this three stars mainly because it's a good value for the quality of construction. Finish is nice, and it's fairly heavy.

Unfortunately, the design has some issues. When you string it up, if you have an instance where a saddle is compensated quite a bit toward the back of the bridge, the screws interfere with the strings, especially the bigger strings. In some cases this even causes the saddle to lift up a little. I'm going to work around this by either getting shorter screws, or cutting off the ones it came with on certain strings. Next time I need a hardtail Fender-type bridge, I'll probably go thru-body.


Mostly Great!

(Customer's Reviews)

For the price, it's a wonderful bridge. The one I ordered wasn't perfectly flat on the bottom, and it rocked a tad on the guitar top. I worked it with a sharpening stone for a lil bit, and now it sits nicely. So, there.

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