Pigtail '50s Stud Bushings, Set of 2

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Pigtail '50s Stud Bushings, Set of 2

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Pigtail '50s Stud Bushings, Set of 2

About This Item

Replace your stock zinc bushings with solid steel! These have the same vintage specs found in '50s and '60s Gibson solidbodies.

Perfect for upgrades on guitars that have brass or zinc bushings as well as use on restorations and new builds. Studs not included. Set of 2.

Made of unplated steel (harder than brass or zinc) for authentic tone and enhanced resonance. Tightly toleranced 5/16-24 threads will give your bridge or tailpiece studs a more snug fit.

Diameter .515" (13.08mm)
Length .875" (22.22mm)

"I use these to upgrade recent Gibson guitars that have stock zinc bushings. There's usually no modification to the existing holes, just pull the old bushings and install!"
—Erick Coleman, repairman and StewMac tech advisor

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Well Made


Verified Buyer

A nicely made set of bushings, details count.




Verified Buyer

So finally my 70's Gibson woke up after all these years. This really is the solution, these bushings are constructed with decent metal. The guitar has got more resonance, more midrange, more vibrations now.. I knew something was missing!

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