String Saver Classic Saddles

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String Saver Classic Saddles

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String Saver Classic Saddles

Traditional tone with reduced string breakage!
For Strat or Tele with 2-1/16" (52.39mm) string spread at the bridge.

Replacement stainless steel saddles with embedded inserts of Graph Tech's super-slick lube-action polymer. Play longer and harder with less string breakage. These saddles have a traditional appearance and the tonal bite of steel.

How do the String Saver saddle inserts work?
Graph Tech has found that a slotted metal saddle can stress a vibrating string at a specific point, resulting in metal fatigue and eventual string breakage. The high-density polymer insert on a String Saver Classics saddle is impregnated with Teflon, 500% more slippery than graphite. Non-corroding self-lubricating action eases and spreads the stress just enough to drastically reduce string breakage, no matter how hard you play.

String Saver Classics saddles have been factory-installed by Fender and Tom Anderson Guitars.

Important: Measure your guitar's bridge saddles before ordering!

2-1/16" string spread

13/32"W x 13/16"L x 13/64"H (10.41mm x 20.83mm x 5.20mm)

Set of 6 ncludes
5/16" Allen height adjustment screws
5/8" intonation screws for Strat
3/4" screws for Tele
Allen wrench

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String Saver Saddles are just that - and money savers!

(Customer's Reviews)

For the life of me, I don't know why string saver saddles are not required hardware on any new guitar. I've tried everything and still I would get that "sharp groove or burr" on those steel saddles - and string breakage was for too common. String Savers save your strings - they save you $$ - and they save you that frustration of string breakage at the most inopportune moment!


Comfy on the palm

(Customer's Reviews)

I replaced my Mexican Strat saddles with these (#4756). Fits like a charm. There was a sitar-like note buz coming from the bridge the first few minutes I played. But once they've settle properly on the bridge the buz was gone.

They feel a lot more comfortable under your palm than regular Fender saddles. I was curious about how they affect the tone. So I recorded some clean licks and chords before/after by keeping the same strings and I cannot notice any difference. That's a good thing. The only reason I am not giving the fifth star is because the teflon insert was not consistently pressed in. On some saddle they are flush, on some other they protrude over (creating a gap between the saddle and the insert).

The spec is supposed to be 5.21 mm high but that was the case for 3 of them because the teflon insert is not completely pressed in. This can be compensated with the action screws.


String Saver Saddles

(Customer's Reviews)

These worked great. Our customer loved them.


Definite Improvement over Stock

(Customer's Reviews)

I got a set of these to put on my "prized" Mexi-Strat. I have some more expensive guitars, but this old Mexican was my first Strat and it's my favorite.

The String Savers are easy to install and definitely add sustain. Not only do the notes ring out longer, but the note sustained is fuller and more harmonic. This guitar always stayed in tune pretty well, but it's definitely better now. I don't use the tremolo much, but I do use it and I have no problems keeping in tune. Also they don't look bad. (NOTE: I also added a Tusq Nut at the same time I added the string savers, so the combination could contribute to sustain.)

Intonation was pretty easy. I followed the steps in Dan Erlwine's "Guitar Player Repair Guide" and it was pretty simple.

All in all, a relatively inexpensive, non-invasive mod that has greatly improved the tone of this particular instrument.


Graphtech Saddles for Telecaster

(Customer's Reviews)

Nice quality, drop in with absolutely no problems, and work as advertised. Very nicely made - infinitely better than the Fender stock saddles!

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