Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele, Set of 3

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Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele, Set of 3

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Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele, Set of 3

A set that retains the vintage look and tone, but helps improve traditional 3-saddle Tele guitar bridge intonation.

Each saddle is angled for better string length compensation.

Vintage-style polished unplated brass, with chrome height screws, springs and intonation screws. Similar to the saddles installed on the Danny Gatton signature series Tele guitar.

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Compensated Saddles for Telecaster

Installation instructions for Compensated Saddles for Telecaster.

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I believe on a tele the saddles are the #1 way to improve tone, more than any other model including strats. The improvement can seem subtle depending on what saddles you replace and what you replace them with. The stewmacs to my ear were the best. I didn't buy them because they are compensated. I bought them looking for tone as i did all the rest. The stewmacs turned out to be my favorites. Even over a boutique set that cost me well over double what the stewmacs did.I swapped them back and fourth over the course of months on several teles till i was so familiar with the differences that i was 100% sure of which sounded best. What i found is that the balance is great, the trebles don't overpower the low strings yet still have the snap and twang you buy a tele for. And while they have plenty of that, somehow they remain smooth in the highs rather then getting harsh. Others that had enough highs to retain the classic tele tone would get harsh in the highs. If they didn't sound harsh, then they weren't clear enough. The stewmacs give it all at the same time which in my book makes them the best i have used and all i use now. I have no doubt that whoever developed these put a lot of thought and R&D into the specific alloy used in order to find the best balance of all desirable tonal details. Either that or it was a heck of a happy accident ! I also like that the height screws are small and closer to the saddle ends so they don't interfere with the strings. Not a small benefit.


awesome product great tone well worth it!

(Customer's Reviews)

first i have to say i had problems with shipping but that was not stewmacs fault the USPS apparently doesnt know how to read house sighs ha ha. but stew mac was very helpful at getting me the saddles as fast as possible. i did the bubba mod on my squier affinity tele with these and it turned out great. so much better tone no more saddle rattle that i got from the stock saddles. intonation with a lil playing around is perfect. well worth the money. only thing is with the squier's the screws are a little to short but just go to like busy beaver and get some M3 x 1.5in screws and ur set.


What a difference

(Customer's Reviews)

Bought these to replace the old nickle non-compensated saddles. They were easy to install and adjust, so nice to not have to compromise on tuning. Maybe it's just me, but the sound seems brighter too.

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