Locking Roller Bridge

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Low-friction grooved saddles roll freely with a tremolo so your strings always return to pitch. Adjustable for precise intonation.

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Low-friction grooved saddles roll freely with a tremolo so your strings always return to pitch. Adjustable for precise intonation.

2"14"2-29/32"M8 x 1.25

This unique post-mounted brass bridge has low-friction grooved roller saddles for smooth string return, plus advanced features for improved intonation stability. The holes for the bridge posts are elongated to allow overall intonation adjustment, and allen screws lock the bridge to the posts. The reversible roller saddles are individually adjustable for precise string intonation, and also lock to the bridge with allen screws. Allen wrench and thumbwheel mounting posts with bushings are included.

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 /><font color=About bridge & tailpiece measurements

String spread is the distance between the centers of the outer strings on a bridge or tailpiece.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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Locking Roller Bridge

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Very nice replacement bridge

By OscarMeat from Finland
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, June 02, 2014

I fitted this bridge into a cheap korean LTD guitar and it was a perfect drop in replacement. A lot more substantial bridge than the cheapo tuneomatic. No friction with the rollers and it locks to the studs. My only gripe with this is the intonation adjustment. Would be nicer to have screwable adjustment than by hand. That would be faster and more precise. But you can get it spot on with this. You just have to be careful and take your time. Looks good on a guitar too.

Excellent Replacement

By Billiam from Dawsonville, GA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, January 02, 2014

This is a very solid replacement bridge. It dropped right onto my '98 Epiphone Les Paul and intonation set up was easy and precise. A very nice improvement.

Poor intonation adjusters

By Anhedonius from California, USA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, November 10, 2013

I could have seen before ordering that the intonations adjustment on this bridge would be difficult. You loosen the locking screw, then slide the saddle. It's very difficult to be precise. I returned it, got one from another supplier with screw-type adjusters. Granted the better one was $10 more, so if money's a consideration you could use this one. Both had posts whose centers were off 1/16 for the holes in my 1997 Epi Dot (made in Korea by Samick), but my luthier got it to work.

Works like a charm

By ChuckD from Ohio
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 05, 2013

In short, this is how my guitar (recent Epi Genesis with "LockTone" bridge) should have come from the factory. Intonation is finally spot on and no string breakage worries. No worries with stock radius being 12" either. I was able to use the posts supplied with the roller bridge as they screwed right into the factory studs. The only issue lies in the factory stud spacing being maybe a millimeter too close. Used a nail punch to gently widen the holes on the bridge and voilß, great fit. I trusted in Russell's review and glad I did.

Locking Roller Bridge

By Russell from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 07, 2013

It took no time to install over the existing posts on my Epiphone Dot. They seem to make more contact with the body and have more weight than the stock bridge but haven't gotten a chance to play it much yet. It definitely feels more comfortable palm-muting on the roller bridge. This really is a no brainer and I will use this to replace any stock tonelock bridge with all those sharp edges just asking to break strings. Lessons Learned: 1. If you're lazy like me you don't even have to change strings - just loosen them enough to give you room to work. 2. You don't have to replace posts unless you really want to drill new holes for the posts provided with the new bridge. This might affect sustain since I don't really know much about the length/quality of the stock posts. Consider putting it on your to-do list, but it's not always crucial. 3. The new bridge might need a little bit of love to get it to fit onto the posts, thats ok. Don't hulk it, use your head. 4. Try to mimic the string adjustment positions for each string. It will help you tweak intonation later. Because of the position of the adjustment hex-screw, you need to loosen the strings.

Simply elegant design.

By Talesin from CA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've used these bridges on both tremolo and non-tremolo guitars. Having the string meet at a roller as opposed to fulcrum point not only improves tone, but prevents string breakage almost completely.
These are excellent units and I recommend them to anyone looking to improve their instruments playability, tone, and string life.


By Pete Farmer Guitar Works from Grand Haven, Mi
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, June 30, 2013

Great for offshore guitars in need of tremolos

Works even without a Bigsby

By Kitashnee from Athens, Greece
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 21, 2013

This unit allows precise intonation. Being about twice as heavy as my old tuneomatic, it also kind of "unlocked" overtones in a very pleasant way (but nothing like the silly "sustain for days" mumbo jumbo).

Roller Bridge

By DAVID SEIBERT from everett, wa
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 15, 2012

Very nice unit. Drops on to every metric guitar that I have put it on (4). Intonates very easily with supplied allen wrench. Excellent rollers. Quality at a good price.

Major playability upgrade for SG with Bixby

By PauldB from Charlotte, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, December 14, 2012

I bought my Gibson SG deluxe (with rare factory Bigsby) in 1973. Soon after, I installed a wider-adjustment bridge so I could use ultra Slinkys and get the intonation right. The Bigsby never worked as well as I had hoped for. It would not reliably return in tune after bing used, so I seldom used it.

So fast forward almost 30 years later, and I bought this roller bridge from Stew-mac. The string spacing and arc was a perfect match for my SG. I did have to "egg-out" the stud holes a bit, and pad them with a little gaffer tape to get them snug, plus some counter-bore to get the bridge to set low enough.

After installing it, I tweaked the truss rod and set the action and intonation.

Shock! It was like getting a new guitar! The action is sooo low and fast, and no fret buzz at all! I am playing this SG for hours now until my grip gets tired and my fingers hurt! The action was NEVER this good, even when the SG was new. The Bigsby returns to perfect tune every time.

Thanks, Stew-mac! This was the best 30 bucks I ever spent on a guitar.

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