Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Studs/Bushings

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A modern version of the Tune-o-matic bridge for solidbody guitar.

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Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Studs/Bushings Chrome


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Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Studs/Bushings Nickel


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Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Studs/Bushings Gold


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A modern version of the Tune-o-matic bridge for solidbody guitar.

The metal saddles have helpful starter grooves to guide your slotting files. Intonation screws are retained by mini hex nuts. Includes threaded thumbwheel studs and bushings.

String spread Saddle radius Post spacing Post threads
#1511 2-1/16" (52.39mm) 12" (304.80mm) 2-29/32" (73.82mm) M8 x 1.25
Use a 7/16" or 11mm drill bit for the stud bushings.

 /><font color=About bridge & tailpiece measurements

String spread is the distance between the centers of the outer strings on a bridge or tailpiece.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Studs/Bushings

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Great quality, perfect fit

By Felipe Braz from S+úo Paulo, Brazil
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Used to replace the stock tune-o-matic on my Epiphone Dot Studio. Perfect fit and improved intonation.

Almost Perfect

By D.A. from Clinton, OK
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I had the usual buzz from the wire on my Epi bridge and intonation was off, no matter what I tryed, so decided to change it. The Gotoh tune-o-matic is a perfect drop in replacement. The saddles come with a location slot but you will have to file them to get proper string seating. I used a fine (600)grit, round diamond needle file. The only issue I had was that the bridge didn't fit tight on the posts, so not wanting rattles or buzzes of any kind, I wrapped the posts with invisible tape till they fit tightly then with a razor blade, trimmed the tape around the post top and bottom. Problem solved. No buzz, no rattles, you can't see the tape, intonation is spot on and I'm happy. What more can I say...?

Solid replacement bridge

By Dan O from St Louis, MO
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I recently replaced the stock bridge on a mid '90s Washburn HB35S semi-hollowbody with the gold version of the Gotoh Tune-o-matic. I did not have to replace the stud inserts since the thread size was identical to the old bridge, but these old Washburns are tough because the stud spacing is slightly narrower than standard. A workaround I discovered to accommodate the slight difference in stud spacing that may be helpful to others: I started with the studs just started, instead of screwed down to playing height. The slight angle of the curved guitar top meant the studs were angled apart at the top of their range allowing me to slip on the bridge. I then carefully screwed down the studs, a bit at a time alternating from one to the other until they were down to playing height. Very snug fit = great tone transfer! Yes, you will have to file the starter slots, but that is expected. The only knock I have is the soft metal of the studs. Even with a well-fitting screwdriver and slow, careful turning, the slots did deform/burr a bit, and filing off the resulting rough edges removed the gold finish from the top of the studs (instant "relic" finish!). To be fair, because of my spacing issue, the torque I had to apply was more than if it was a direct drop-on fit.

Perfect for Epiphone

By Cyclave from Texas
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, June 06, 2013

Direct fit onto Epiphones. NO ANNOYING RETAINER WIRE!!! You can just slide this on to your Epi's current pegs, but I recommend using the GOTOH pegs because they are obviously better quality. Love the new bridge, will get a new one if I get a Les Paul soon.


By Progbusters from SF Bay Area
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 23, 2013

1511 fits epiphone les Paul ls100 perfectly using existing bushing inside wood. Nice shiny, dense and heavy. Wider than stock epiphone part. Easy to adjust. Tiny slot on each saddle sometimes doesn't hold the high B and E.

Bridge Rattles

By Echoman from Long Island,NY
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, May 03, 2013

I had the misfortune of having two of these rattle. The first I was able to return and the replacement rattled just the same. Workmanship not what it should be.

A great upgrade at an affordable price, and a piece of cake to install!

By Lefty64 from IL
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, April 26, 2013

I bought this bridge to replace the one on my Epiphone Dot Studio because I play left handed and had to buy a right-handed guitar and re-string it. Since the original saddle blocks on the bridge have 3 facing one way and 3 facing the other, when I re-strung it to play left-handed the saddle blocks were backward. So I bought the Gotoh as a replacement because all the saddle blocks face forward. I bought the Gotoh bridge with the studs and bushings it because my original bridge had the modern studs with screwdriver slots to raise and lower the bridge, and it looked from the pictures like that was the proper one to buy. And it was. I simply removed the old strings because they needed changed anyway, lifted off the old bridge and set the Gotoh bridge right down on the same posts that came with the guitar, and it fit perfectly. Didn't need to replace the studs or bushings, so now I have a couple extras for my toolbox. It took literally about 5 seconds to swap out the bridge once the strings were off. Then re-strung my guitar and it was good to go. I did take a triangular file and enlarge the slots on the saddle blocks for the bass strings (before putting it on the guitar of course) because the slots on the Gotoh were pretty small. The ones for the unwound strings were fine. If you decide to do this, go very slowly and carefully with your file and keep your file upright; don't try to rock it side to side to make the slots bigger because you may rub a groove into the slot that will cause string breakage. Or just have a luthier do it for you. Wouldn't hurt to polish the enlarged slot out with a plastic brush on a Dremel or very fine sandpaper to make it really smooth, and put a good quality guitar lube in the slots when done, which you always should anyway to prevent string breakage. Tone was great after the swap. Overall a great product at a very reasonable price.

spares parts

By fan of the shadows music from france
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Very good product,excellent package and shipping.

Good upgrade for a Chinese LP

By Jlec from Michigan USA
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Got a Chinese LP style guitar as a gift and tore it apart. I replaced everything and this was a drop in fit, which is great. It has better mass and it adjusts smoothly. One note is that it WILL need the slots cut deeper. They come with barely a scratch for a slot and its not useable that way. It doesnt need much, and fortunately I have the files to do it, but if I didn't it would have been a pain. Other than that, its a solid upgrade and did make a significant difference in the guitar.

Superior bridge over stock!

By KEA Guitars from North Wales, PA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, January 11, 2013

I got a couple of the Gold plated bridges for special projects and the number 1511-G with studs was PERFECT and rock solid.

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