Golden Age Roller Bridge

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The only roller bridge that matches the 12" radius of the Nashville Tune-O-Matic. Low-friction brass roller saddles let the strings move freely and return to accurate pitch.

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The only roller bridge that matches the 12" radius of the Nashville Tune-O-Matic. Low-friction brass roller saddles let the strings move freely and return to accurate pitch.

We designed this bridge to work with Bigsby vibratos, in place of the Nashville Tune-o-matic. This is the only roller bridge that matches the 12" radius of the Nashville, so you maintain the string action you're used to. We gave it a low profile to keep the strings clear of the bridge body too, eliminating a frequent source of vibrato problems.

Thumbwheel height-adjustment studs and knurled bushings are included.

String spread   Saddle radius   Stud spacing   Stud threads   
2-1/16"12"2-29/32"M5 x .8

 /><font color=About bridge & tailpiece measurements

String spread is the distance between the centers of the outer strings on a bridge or tailpiece.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

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Golden Age Roller Bridge

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Great Bridge!

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just installed on a custom guitar I made with a Bigsby B5...great combination! No broken strings, stays in tune...I like the 12" radius too!

Tune-O-Matic saddle replacement

By Psycho Billy's from Portland, OR, U.S.A.
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, November 15, 2014

I purchased the Golden Age Roller Bridge to aid in the longevity of the string life on my Les Paul. I'm a heavy-bending blues player and I was constantly snapping E-strings. The bridge worked flawlessly but I didn't care for it's beauty quite so much. It just didn't really look original; a bit too "pretty" for my old guitar. What I did, and I cannot believe it worked out so fantastically, is removed the roller saddles from the Golden Age Roller Bridge and installed them in place of the original saddles on my Tune-o-Matic. The threads and dimensions are the same, and it works flawlessly. I absolutely love it, and can bend notes into next week without breaking a string. I just bought a new LP Custom and I'll be doing the same thing for it. I wish Stew-Mac sold the roller-saddles independently for such an application, but it may be cost-prohibitive when it gets down to the price of packaging, numbering, and all the other headaches involved that the consumer usually doesn't perceive. Anyway, I'm extremely happy with the results and would recommend this product to any guitarist including professionals who's livelyhood depends on quality equipment. I've been using my bridge with the rollers in it for about three years now without fail and no sign of wear on the rollers. Definitely a quality product. I like it better than Schaller's since the rollers cannot travel sideways on threads; it's a better design. They remain stationary in the saddle like they should, and adjusting intonation is a breeze since there's zero friction. You don't even need to release the tension on the string like you would on the regular Tune-O-Matic saddles; just adjust it and re-tune. Adjustments are as easy as if the strings weren't even resting on the saddles. No more stripped saddle screws for those that try to adjust intonation without releasing string tension.
Outstanding product. Like I wrote, I'm buying another. Just as soon as I get over the shock of my new LPC's price tag.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to Stew-Mac!

Look no further

By RockinRonnie from Ontario
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, October 20, 2014

I realized that I hadn't posted a review on this bridge. It's amazing, truly rock solid. Tuning stability has been unmatched. Quality in build and looks. My only issue was that the pegs are very small, and probably best for use on a fresh build. Consult the spec sheet prior to purchase. I had to fill in the bridge holes on my Les Paul copy to install this item, but it was really worth the effort. I would highly recommend this bridge. Considering this bridge costs less than more well known brands it's actually a steal.

Great Replacement for my 2014 Gibson SG Original!!

By Gary from Beloit, WI 
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 04, 2014

This is a perfect replacement for the stock bridge on my 2014 Gibson SG Original. It stopped all of my tuning issues. The Golden Age posts are perfect fit into the Gibson bushings, so there is no need to alter your guitar! I highly recommend this bridge!

Screw in studs not the same....

By Jim G. from New Hope, MN
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I purchased one of these in gold for my LP Supreme. Installation was fairly easy, just loosen the strings, slide the tune-o-matic out, remove the stock screw-in studs and replace with the studs that came with this bridge. Just one problem. The screw in studs that came with this bridge are not the same size as the stock screw in studs on my LP Supreme. When screwed in they rattle, thus trying to set intonation was ok but not spot on. I removed this bridge today and reinstalled the stock tune-o-matic and screw in studs that came on the guitar and everything sounds good again. I did not try removing the bushings on the guitar and replacing with the ones that came with this bridge. I did not want to get that intrusive on this Supreme. Tuning is spot on now with the stock bridge reinstalled. I thought by using this bridge I could get away from the common problem Gibson's have especially with the G string not staying in tune. Before I got this bridge I was using a product to lube the nut and saddles on the strings. It would last about a month or so and helped keep the treble strings in tune better. I will now go back to that and this bridge will just sit in the case. It was a nice try, but that problem should be looked at by whoever manufactures this bridge. The studs screw in fine, but once installed they are loose and you can rock them back and forth. The stock, screw-in studs are rock solid, no movement at all.

Great Bridge for the right guitar

By William from Williamsburg, VA 
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Based on some past reviews, I purchased this with a little apprehension. It worked perfectly on my Washburn HB-35 in conjunction with a B7 Bigsby. Radius matches, and plenty of string clearance on the back side. A well built bridge- strings return to pitch. If I had any negative it would be with the bushings- .322 depth is a little shallow for my taste. I would have preferred .500 or even .625 . I step drilled the holes so the post could bottom out.

Golden Age Roller Bridge FITS my stock 98 LP standard !

By Michael from Amarillo, TX 
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I read thru all reviews on the Golden Age Roller Bridge installed on a Les Paul. Well to be clear, this (Chrome) roller bridge DiD fit on a 98 LP Standard with out any mods! Just take the strings off, take the Nashville TOM bridge off, un screw the original height adjustment screws and screw the new ones (included). You will at first think the bridge does NOT fit, that the bridge holes are too narrow. Don't flip out-Its not. Its just very very snug and with a little bit of hand pressure it snaps right onto the new screw tops. I eye balled the height for the strings and was very close after they were re installed. Looks sweet! After installation I noticed an immediate increase in the note sustain which is what I was after! Im keeping this bridge on my LP Standard!...


By Chris Coyle from Toronto Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 05, 2014

I got this bridge to help solve a specific problem with my guitar. I have a 1976 Gibson Firebird, which came with actual banjo tuners (believe it or not). They appear to be Waverly banjo tuners, but I'm not certain of that. They look beautiful, but the very low ratio tuners (4-to-1) made fine tuning difficult and tedious. So I decided to get a Gibson TP-6 tail piece with fine-tuning knobs (too bad StewMac doesn't stock them!). In my opinion, the fine-tuning tail piece, like a tremolo, requires a roller bridge. I compared a few and decided the Golden Age was the one to try. This bridge is very well made, very high quality design and construction. Installation was very easy. The bridge posts were slightly longer than the old ones, but that was easy to fix. Apart from that, it just slipped on, in place of the old Nashville bridge. Now my tuning problems are solved, and the guitar is actually better than new. The combination of the TP-6 tail piece and the Golden Age roller bridge also made a huge improvement in the sound of the guitar. Now it has way more sustain, and tons of higher overtones.

It's great - AND I still have some work to do

By samm from Devon, UK
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I made a DIY SG and the bridge position must have been a couple of mm off because I ran out of intonation room on the bridge supplied. Ordered this bridge to give myself more room (hopefully!) to get the intonation right and because I liked the idea of the rollers working when bending strings. The product is nice looking, good quality. The posts are smaller than my standard fitting meaning that I would have to fill and re-drill to use. As it happens, I found that leaving in the 'bushing' from the original bridge in the hole I could simply drop in the bushing post from this new bridge. Result? Quick installation. But...I still ran out of intonation. Leaves me thinking I now need to fill the holes with hardwood, re-drill (in slightly amended position) to fit this bridge properly. 4 stars because it wasn't clear to me that the post size on this was different from mine...the info I'm sure was there, but making this clearer / more explicit would have been helpful for an 'amateur' like me.

Great Bridge, wrong guitar!!

By ozzys stuff from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I bought the roller bridge, expecting it to fit onto my epiphone SG.. It didn't. which is my fault for not checking the spec..It is now on my friends epi LP and he says it's a great bridge, no complaints there!!

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