Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo

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Improved Strat tuning stability, sustain and reliability!

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Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo Nickel


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Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo Black


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Improved Strat tuning stability, sustain and reliability!

The baseplate holes are elongated so the screws won't bind, for smooth, accurate pitch return. For tuning stability, the string mounting holes are staggered in the steel block for more consistent string angle over the adjustable locking bent-steel saddles.

2-1/8" string spread.

Springs, spring claw, arm with white plastic knob (#3534-B black tremolo has black plastic knob), mounting screws, saddle adjustment screw and Allen wrenches.

Positioning the bridge
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Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo

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not quite there

By JoseGlez from Mexico
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, February 07, 2012

First of all, this is a great trem, well built and with some very clever and useful designs and a big improvement over my original trem. BUT, it didn't quite fit my japanese 90's strat, so I had to use only four of the long screws to fasten it to the body, the outer two holes are partially covered by the bridge itself, something that can't be fixed without major surgery on either part. For me, four screws are more than ok, but some people may not see it my way.

Good, but be aware...

By JohnL from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, August 26, 2011

...that the photos of the item are a bit misleading.

I was concerned about the string spacing as the published spec indicated a different spacing to the vintage standard spacing. I needn't have worried. Five of the slots are oval so there's a fair amount of leeway with one of the hole being round to provide a solid fixing.

That said, there's more forward/back movement on this unit than you get with a genuine Fender bridge, but as soon as it's up to string tension, it's not an issue.

The supplied intonation adjustment screw seems a bit superfluous. It's just as easy to loosen the locking nut and push it backwards and forwards by hand pressure. The screw only pushes the saddle anyway so backwards adjustment has to be done by hand.

In other respects, the locking arrangement is good and very stable once everything is screwed down tight.

So what's misleading about the photos? I don't know about you, but to me they look like there going to be solid metal saddles (like the Hipshot ones). They're not. In fact, they are bent metal sheet rather like the original Fender ones only extending further back to incorporate the locking mechanism.

In itself, this isn't a problem as the unit is very stable and sustain is fine. I do think they should include a side-elevation shot though just to make this clear.

Despite this one concern, I would recommend this bridge as a good alternative if you don't mind your Strat being non-vintage correct.

What a difference!!

By NT from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just installed a VSVG Vintage tremolo on my '84 MIJ strat to replace the original bridge that was very oxidized and difficult to intonate. The installation was a snap, easy to intonate and very stable thanks to the locking saddles. My guitar never sounded better and the smooth finish, hidden height adjustment screws and layout make it much more comfortable to rest your hand while picking. The perfect upgrade!

An excellent replacement for vintage tremolo

By SeanV from Manchester, NH
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 30, 2011

I am very happy with the Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo. I tried another brand first and was never satisfied with the stability of the bridge. This works well and I was able to float the the bridge and achieve a 1 1/2 step pull from open G to Bb as well as the regular vibrato effect. Purchase a set of locking tuners as well. You will need them for the best stability.

I never had a better Strat Tremolo

By MoorMusic from Switzerland
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, May 08, 2011

I am nothing short of amazed! I never had a Strat with a tremolo on it that stayed in tune better! I'm not just talking about subtle vibratos but also divebombs and whole step downqard bends. I tried all those nasty things that are usually reserved to users of locking tremolos and when I got back to the original position and waited for the horrible sound of a terribly out of tune guitar it was (almost) perfectly back in tune.

Of course I should mention, that I also installed Steinberger locking tuners on that guitar, which certainly help, but still, I am amazed.

finally a great tremolo, for a strat

By Bobby DeRusha from uvalde, texas
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i change out my fender bridge, with this one and wow, i can really do harmonics now, u can adjust each string to your height, love it

impressed at first, but wait there's more

By bossy meat creature from charleston, wv
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, November 22, 2010

I thought I was buying something that would last, but within weeks the bridge started to actually rust. Not just tarnish, but actual oxidization. The bar will not stay in the bridge without placing one wrap of tape around the end of the trem bar to keep it from falling into the floor.

Setting the intonation is probably the worst feature. It is accomplished with a small thumbscrew that sets parallel to the body of the guitar. You will grind your fingertips raw screwing this thing in and out. After you unlock the saddle and get it adjusted, locking it back in place takes it out of adjustment and it's back to unscrewing the thumbscrew again.

For $117 I expected more. I will be undoubtedly replacing this bridge in the future, it will have to work for now. Poorly designed and cheap materials

Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Strat Bridge

By Brian Tost from Kettle Falls, WA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 07, 2010

WOW! I can't say enough good things about this bridge. It replaced the standard 6 hole Fender tremolo. It has increased sustain and resonance, given me MUCH more intonation flexibility. Stays in tune/intonation better and because the saddles lock down to the baseplate, I don't have to re-intonate with every string change. The stock bridge required this because of all the slop in the saddles. Excellent performing and very comfortable bridge and it doesn't look out of place. Also, the trem arm has adjustable tension and it simply pulls out/pushes into the bridge block. No more screwing/unscrewing to put it back in the case, nor stripping of the threads. I could go on. This is simply the most effective and noticeable upgrade I could perform for about a hundred bucks, making a guitar I very much love a whole lot better.

Great tremolo unit

By Enrico from Italy
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have installed the tremolo unit on my guitar without problems. The sound is full, fine, a definitive improve. Finally the tremolo arm adjustable with no more stress.

The unit is aesthetically beautiful. Thank Stewmac for your service, quality, competitive prices and courtesy.


By JLondon from Owensboro, KY
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I waited for a while to give my opinion in case it changed after the honeymoon was over. It's been a long road but I've finally got a whammy that stays in tune. This one's a 'floater'. No more flush or blocked whammys on a Strat if you have everything else set up as it should be. Don't expect ANY whammy bar to fix the rest of your guitar's problems because they WON'T! The simple small locking screws are the secret with this unit because they keep the little wiggliy bridge height adjustment screws from rocking back/forth/sideways. And they didn't make the unit look like a Sherman tank either. Just a nice looking, un-obtrusive, working, and floating vibrato that doesn't need a lot of gimmick to come back to 0 tuning position. I say GET ONE (with the short -'Gilmour' style - bar option)!

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