Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge, Chrome

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Unique bridge/tailpiece with locking studs! Introducing a combination bridge/tailpiece with a distinctive new shape for solidbody guitar!

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Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge, Chrome

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Unique bridge/tailpiece with locking studs! Introducing a combination bridge/tailpiece with a distinctive new shape for solidbody guitar!

Height-adjustable Super Stud mounting posts feature locking nuts that stabilize the entire unit for more accurate intonation and good tone.


The Baby Grand is computer-machined from aluminum and has pre-notched saddles with individual intonation adjustment. Allen wrenches included.

 /><font color=About bridge & tailpiece measurements

String spread is the distance between the centers of the outer strings on a bridge or tailpiece.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

Tip: Slotting Tune-o-matic style saddles
Nut slotting files work great for metal saddles. Choose your file size as you would when slotting a nut: use the same gauge as the string, or a few thousandths larger. After filing to the desired depth, we suggest polishing the slot with Mitchell's Abrasive Cord to remove file marks and burrs.

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Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge, Chrome

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Very Nice

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, July 06, 2014

This bridge made this guitar so much better. Everyone that has seen it is crazy about the way it looks as well.

Great Product!

By Jamesans from Vail, Arizona
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, November 21, 2013

I used this on an original design guitar. It gave me the flexibility I needed to place the electronics control cavity to my liking. The fact that its a bridge/saddle/tailpiece together saved some space. It looks and feels super high quality. And the design allows for less string tension on the high e and b strings for comfortable bending. The sound is fantastic and it intonated very easily. I love it and it will be the standard bridge I put on this style guitar. Jam Guitars USA

Excellent Product, but...

By Leona from Alberta, Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, November 01, 2012

This bridge worked well on my Gibson Les Paul Goddess, but does not work with my 1954 Les Paul Goldtop reissue (R4) since the Goldtop bridge studs are slightly shifted to the bass side rather than symmetrical. The string symmetry ends up being too shifted towards the bass side.

Great Upgrade

By Dr. LaRrY from Winston-Salem,N.C.
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, March 02, 2012

I shoppedaround alot looking at $100 bridges then got one of these. I stuck it on a Gibson Melody Maker I was hotrodding so I could set my intonation and was very happy I did. Installation and setup was FUN ! It's got locking stud mount too. If you're replacing a wrap around so it can be intonated, GET THIS MODEL !! SWEEEET !

Good looking bridge

By ParkOLewis from Denver, CO
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 25, 2011

Overall, I really like this bridge. My only complaint is that the post washer is practically the same size as the insert, and for a newbie like me, that doesn't give you a lot of room for any error around where the insert meets the body (i.e. the post washer won't hide any errors). In the end, it turned out great though.

Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge

By Carlotta Guitars from Ann Arbor, MI
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love the aesthetics of this bridge but I am really pleased with the quality of construction, too. A really great product.

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