Montreux Step Bass Bridge

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Montreux Step Bass Bridge

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Montreux Step Bass Bridge

"Stepped" rear extension keeps string overwrap off the saddles. A long overdue innovation has come to the standard rear-mount 4-string solidbody bass bridge.

The "stepped" rear extension keeps the thick overwrap portion of the E and A strings from contacting the bridge saddles.

String tension is more uniform, tone is clearer, and intonation is easier. The sturdy brushed stainless baseplate is a direct retrofit for traditional 5-hole Fender or our #0093 Gotoh standard bass bridges.

2-1/4" string spread. Fits P-Bass®, Jazz Bass® and similar solidbodies. Four adjustable thread-style saddles have slotted height screws. Mounting screws included.

Positioning the bridge
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Great attention to detail

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this bridge as a retrofit for an old Gotoh 201 style bridge on my 90s Yamaha jazz bass. I was weary of the price tag but decided to pull the trigger regardless. The bridge feels sturdy, and having the string overwrap not sit on the saddles is great. The small details like the knurled saddles and the slightly oblong string hole shape (helps maintain proper string angle without bend between string slots and saddle) make this a great buy.


Great Choice

(Customer's Reviews)

I was getting ready to put together a Jazz Bass and was looking at bridges. I have always liked the vintage Fender bridges with the knurled saddles. When I first saw this bridge on Stew Mac's site I was a bit hesitant because there were no reviews. Then I saw it was stainless steel so I took the plunge. I can tell you this bass bridge is much better in hand than it seems looking at it on the PC screen. It is very stout and does have a little weight to it but I can tell you my jazz has fantastic sustain and I can feel the notes resonate in my thumb all the way up and down the neck. I also thought the price they were asking for this type of bridge was a little high but after getting it on my bass and playing it for a few weeks I can tell you it was well worth it. Intonation was easy. Plenty of adjustment room and the knurled saddles makes for easy placement of the strings over the pickup pole pieces. It really is a nice bridge!

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