Waverly Planetary 5th String Peg

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Waverly Planetary 5th String Peg

About This Item

Our Waverly 5th string peg features machined brass components in a unique compact design that eliminates a right-angle string post.

"Two-band" gear case design matches your Waverly pegs.

Features sealed lubrication and adjustable knob tension. The "2-band" gear case, 4:1 ratio planetary gears, and handsome traditional ivoroid knob match our Waverly banjo pegs. A tapered peghole is required.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Setting up a banjo's 5th string: nut, capos and peg

Todd Sams shows how he sets up a banjo 5th string using railroad spikes, a block of wood, and a camless clamp.


Product Instructions

Waverly Planetary 5th Peg

How to install a Waverly Planetary 5th String Peg.

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Waverly Fifth String Machine for a Lefty

(Customer's Reviews)

Recently, I built a banjo for a left handed customer but, I didn't want to merely turn a standard (right handed) 5th string tuner around. The Waverly planetary 5th string machine was a perfect solution. I replaced the the standard ivoroid button with a 5 Star type pearl button and it matches perfectly with the rest of the 5 Star machines.


Doncha just love StewMac!

(Customer's Reviews)

If you are an aficionado of stringed instruments like I am, you will appreciate the resource to humanity that StewMac provides to the world. I've done a fair amount of research on their competitors, and StewMac has earned every accolade posted. Even if you only use it once, it will be worth the money to purchase the #0618 5th String Peghole Reamer to install this correctly. Oh, by the way, this Waverly tuner is excellent!


Elegant 5th-string fit

(Customer's Reviews)

Over the years and on many different banjos, IÆve used just about every kind of 5th string peg from friction machines to geared setups to homemade inverted guitar tuners with the button pointed down! For my ôbabyö, my 1961 Ode open-back I wanted something special when I refurbished it. I started off with a geared Waverly: the style with the 90-degree peg sticking up at the fingerboard. It was adequate, but when paired with a Shubb 5th string capo the area around the 5th fret was cluttered and looked clunky. It was less than easy to slide the capo with any speed. This Waverly planetary tuner is such an elegant solution! I set it at the slightest angle to give just a slight bit more space to fool with the capo as necessary. The tuner itself is much cleaner in appearance, operates as smooth as silk, and makes me happy. Tuning is straightforward, solid and accurate. I never have that feeling that IÆm about to pop a string when I tune. It accepted a StewMac ebony tuner knob perfectly, matching my original Grovers on the peghead. With the addition of a little string sleeve, the problems mentioned above about string fragments is eliminated. DonÆt mess with other 5th string tuners, this Waverly is the one, no doubt.

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