Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Pot

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Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Pot

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Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Pot

About This Item

Clear, clean tone for hard-driving bluegrass! The heart of the bluegrass banjo, delivering solid traditional sound with clarity and plenty of punch.

Our high quality rim outfit has been a favorite of professional banjomakers for many years.

A traditional one-piece cast alloy resonator flange, and our 11"-diameter bronze Five-Star flathead tone ring, are hand-fitted to a high quality 3-ply maple rim. Bracket hooks, hex nuts with wrench, and a notched brass tension hoop complete the outfit.

All metal parts are nickel-plated and the wood rim is ready for finishing. This traditional Mastertone-style pot fits our bluegrass banjo neck. Banjo head is not included.

Fitted with a Five-Star, flathead, bell-bronze tone ring for a deep crisp powerful tone at lower frets, with great clarity at higher positions.

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Magical tone


Verified Buyer

The Bluegrass banjo pot assembly is everything I'd hoped it would be. A very warm,clear, chiming tone. Also it's a very well rounded tone, from lows to highs, the tone is consistently satisfying. The rim was turned very well and the tone ring fit perfectly. The flange has a very solid, heavy-duty feel to it.The nickel plating is rich. The rest of the hardware was good quality as well. I have a hard time puting this banjo down, Johnny Banjo


A great setup


Verified Buyer

The banjo pot was great and had everything included. The rods, head, armrest and tailpiece are separate purchases which is understandable due to the number of options. I was going to make the wood rim, but the one that comes with it is perfect, so why mess with that... saved me a lot of lathe work. The chrome is very nice and the tone ring weighs a ton!


Gibson RB  Banjo coversion to Mastertone clone


Verified Buyer

I used the pot kit to convert my Gibson RB banjo to a Mastertone clone. I really only needed the tone ring and the machined rim to make the conversion. I did use all the rest of the kit due to the superior Nickel plating on the other parts. It would be good if the machined rim would be sold separately as it really is not a matched set as I received both the rim and tone ring separately due a shipping error.

The results were outstanding a loud and excellent sounding banjo. The conversion was easy and required only changing the neck studs to use the Stewmac double coordinator rods .


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