Five-Star Archtop Tone Ring

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Five-Star Archtop Tone Ring

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Five-Star Archtop Tone Ring

Now with 40 holes, just like the 1920s originals. The raised inner profile of the archtop tone ring results in a slightly smaller banjo head vibrational area.

This delivers a piercing tone with extra snap: the signature Stanley bluegrass sound, and brilliant 4-string jazz rhythm. Machined from cast bronze alloy, with 11"-diameter Mastertone archtop dimensions. Nickel plated.

Five-Star tone rings have powered professional-grade banjos for nearly 40 years. They are unsurpassed for traditional tone and volume.

A tone ring should fit the wood rim well for optimum sound. Measure the tone ring with a dial caliper before lathe-turning your wood rim.

An archtop tone ring is not directly interchangeable with a flathead ring. The archtop requires a taller wood rim profile.

A low or medium crown banjo head is required for this tone ring.

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Arch top tone ring

(Customer's Reviews)

Just fitted a Stewmac bronze arch top tone ring. This was very easy to fit (as long as you have a lathe). It produces a more cutting sound than my own Tubaphone-style tone rings. It has made the banjo much louder, which is great for sessions. I can recommend this tone ring to all banjo makers. Jim Patton


40 hole archtop tone ring

(Customer's Reviews)

First - Stewmac's service is impeccable and we have nothing but praise. Second - the product described is excellent BUT WHY OH WHY have you withdrawn your no hole archtop tone ring, which now means that we have to shop elsewhere for these. It's a really simple process to omit the holes and offer the tone ring with OR without holes. Some models in our range must have no hole tone rings, so wake up Stewmac and do what's right by your customers and save us from having to shop around.

Shown on page 84 of our latest catalog.