5-String Compensated Banjo Bridge

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A specially machined bridge with adjusted scale lengths to improve intonation for capoing and playing up the neck.

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5-String Compensated Banjo Bridge

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A specially machined bridge with adjusted scale lengths to improve intonation for capoing and playing up the neck.

Maple with notched ebony top.
5/8" height; 1-11/16" string spread.

Positioning the bridge
Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.

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5-String Compensated Banjo Bridge

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Great product - great price

By Roy from Mc Leansville, NC 
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, August 28, 2014

My wife's "Good Time" Deering had very wonky intonation and her open back Goldtone's was slightly off too. These bridges got rid of her capo woes. I think banjos should come standard with these.


By Long John from Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, January 05, 2014

Great. It did the trick for my banjo (Hohner HB25). The intonation is now essentially perfect right to the top of the neck.

Worked Great!

By Terry Nixon from Davenport,Iowa
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Bluegrass musician recommended this type of bridge and after installing it, I hear why. Great product!


By Ron Brown from Rapid City, South Dakota
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, November 11, 2012

I have tried about every bridge (Moon, Snuffy, Sosebee, etc.) known to man on my Mastertone and would guess I have spent several hundred dollars on them to discover that an inexpensive compensating bridge from StewMac gives me the tone I am looking for. Thanks guys, sometimes you get more than you pay for.

Sour notes

By Mark Harper from Lexington KY
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have used compensated bridges before but I do not believe all banjos need them. If it is possible to use a straight bridge I do. But one banjo I built just would not hold tune up the neck so I tried this bridge. Now the intonation is nearly perfect. I will keep this bridge in mind in the future if I encounter the same situation again but I will not put one on all my banjos.

Compensating Bridge

By Ron Brown from Rapid City, South Dakota
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, March 30, 2012

You can buy these anywhere but I prefer to buy from Stew Mac if they have what I am looking for. Not a perfect solution to intonation but comes close. Thanks guys!

A "MUST HAVE" Bridge

By Ross from Indiana
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 02, 2011

OK. I'm guilty. I've never given any thought to a banjo bridge. Set them up, adjust position for a semblance of intonation and move on to the next job.

I had to replace a tailpiece on a banjo and the bridge needed replacing also. Replacement parts were left to my discretion. Just to try something different I ordered the compensated bridge. I was quite surprised at the result. First, the fit was perfect. That was all too easy. When I brought it to tune I was quite pleased. It lent a "melodic quality" to the instrument that I never associated with a banjo. Hey! I'm a guitar player! So what do I know? Well, I know that with this bridge the banjo has gained a whole new level of respect in my ears.

Great Bridge!

By bomark2002 from WV
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 27, 2011

I was reluctant to try this bridge for a long time, I'm glad I did. I will be using this type of bridge from now on.
Does keep intonation while playing up the neck.

Essential for Bluegrass 

By Jake M from Long Beach, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I have these on all my banjos. Frankly, I don't get how anyone plays bluegrass with a straight bridge.

compensated banjo bridge

By Donny from lock haven,  pa,  USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So i was having one heck of a time with playing up the neck and capo tuning staying where it belonged. I bought this and I have had not a problem since. Also I have Schaller D tuners on my banjo and I use them A LOT. With this bridge the string hold a lot tighter. But I did have to put a tiny bit of graphite in the string slots, but no big deal.

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