Acoustic Guitar Pickguard

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Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Tortoise


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Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Black


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Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Clear


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Acoustic Guitar Pickguard

About This Item

Protect and beautify your instrument with our shaped high-gloss self-adhesive plastic pickguards for Dreadnought guitar.

Our PVC plastic pickguards have the sought-after authentic 1930s Dreadnought shape. They're available in distinctive brown tortoise, black and clear.

Item# Color Dimensions Radius at soundhole edge
5860 Tortoise* 0.025" x 7" x 3-13/16"
(0.64mm x 177.80mm x 96.84mm)
2-3/8" (60.32mm)
5861 Black 0.025" x 7" x 3-13/16"
(0.64mm x 177.80mm x 96.84mm)
2-3/8" (60.32mm)
5862 Clear 0.011" x 7" x 3-13/16"
(0.28mm x 177.80mm x 96.84mm)
2-3/8" (60.32mm)

Need to cut other pickguard sizes? See our Acoustic Pickguard Blanks.

*The tortoise pattern is printed.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

A shrinking pickguard cracks the guitar top!

In Dan Erlewine's shop: This Martin D-35 has a cracked top due to the pull of a shrinking plastic pickguard. Dan fixes the problem and shows how to keep this happening from happening again.

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Inconsistent Quality

(Customer's Reviews)

When they work, they work well, but about half of the guards I've received were damaged in manufacture, and no one bothered to inspect them. The older issue of mixed gloss and satin guards seems to be resolved; however the supplier needs to get their act together and either freshen up the die cutting jig or get into another line of business.

On application - apply wet...simple and easy. Position on guitar, and yes a piece of blue low tack tape as a hinge. flip the guard off the surface, spritz the guard area of top with 8 ounces of distilled water to two drops of Dawn dishwashing detergent (reduces surface tension), then peel backing and position. Squeegee from center out from center of guard to edge, and wait 48 hours before pulling the top protective sheet.

Shot below shows bad die-cutting job with resultant adhesive holidays and scuffing on back of guard.


Buy the black one

(Customer's Reviews)

I installed 2 clear ones and had to remove them due to bubbles and other visual marks. I really don't think it's possible to install a clear pick-guard that would be perfectly clear when installed.
The tortoise one just doesn't look correct so now I am going to order black ones only.
Fortunately I was able to remove them with no issues.
This is not a design flaw or stewmac fault, just the nature of a clear pick-guard from what I can tell.


Great replacement for 40+ year-old pickguard

(Customer's Reviews)

I have a 40-year old Alvarez DY50 that the pickguard had started to curl. I was able to remove it almost cleanly with a little bit of heat from my heat gun. A little bit of cleanup on the top and I was able to have this replacement one in place in under an hour. You guys make great products, I've been ordering from you from many years.

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