Plastic Mounting Rings For Humbucking Pickups

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Traditional plastic mounting rings for Gibson® humbuckers. Purchase pickup height and mounting ring screws separately.

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Plastic Mounting Rings For Humbucking Pickups Low, cream

Low, cream

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Plastic Mounting Rings For Humbucking Pickups Low, black

Low, black

Item # 1507
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4 or more $3.47
Plastic Mounting Rings For Humbucking Pickups Tall, cream

Tall, cream

Item # 1510
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4 or more $3.47
Plastic Mounting Rings For Humbucking Pickups Tall, black

Tall, black

Item # 1508
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4 or more $3.47
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How to fit a Les Paul pickup ring to the curved top

Don't ruin your pickup rings by skipping this step! Dan Erlewine nibbles, files, scrapes and sands to create a curve that matches the top of his Les Paul.

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Traditional plastic mounting rings for Gibson® humbuckers. Purchase pickup height and mounting ring screws separately.

Outside dimension 3-17/32" x 1-25/32" (89.69mm x 45.24mm)
Inside dimension 2-3/4" x 1-1/2" (69.85mm x 38.10mm)
Low taper 3/16" to 1/4" (4.76mm to 6.35mm)

For use at the neck position on instruments with a Gibson® bridge, and can be used at the neck and bridge positions with a Fender bridge.
Tall taper 3/8" to 7/16" (9.53mm to 11.11mm)

For use at the bridge position on instruments with a Gibson® bridge, and are too tall for Fender bridges.

Each mounting ring has a flat (non-arched) bottom, and must be trimmed or sanded to match an arched guitar top.

Color-matching Cream Parts and Bindings
There have always been slight variations in the color of the cream plastic parts used on Gibson and other guitars. It's not uncommon to see brand new and vintage guitars with bindings, pickup rings, toggle switch rings and pickguards that don't perfectly match in color. We do our best to match all our cream products, but there's no absolute control from batch to batch, or from supplier to supplier.

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Plastic Mounting Rings For Humbucking Pickups

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yes and no

By james147 from New York
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, October 10, 2011

good, but took a lot of shaping to get the correct fit. they need to offer perfectly flat ones as well


By agnusguitars from champaign, il
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smooth cast. Had to cut the thickness down a little and re-sand the bottom to refit my guitar top, but that's due to my smaller neck degree angle. Easy to work with and a perfect fit!

The cream color tone is wrong..

By Tufoeffect from Rio Claro - SP - Brazil
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, August 12, 2011

I bought a pair of the cream color tone, but don¦t match with the color tone of the Les Paul pickguard cream that i bought in the same order!!!!

Are darker!!!

I can¦t use them!!!!!!!!

They Do the Job

By A. Lucas from Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good product - cream color not as bad as others might have commented (possibly closer to modern Gibson binding color than vintage I've heard, but I can't attest to that myself). I'm sure they will change over time slightly as well (my fretboard binding did). Not wonderfully exceptional but a good product nonetheless.

Good Replacement

By jakemit1 from Cibolo,Tx
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 07, 2011

They are good replacement pickup rings. Just make sure you read the specs

No frills

By Clell from Dallas, TX
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 07, 2011

Little on the pricey side for a cheap piece of plastic. Decent none-the-less.


By Marcus from Nottingham
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, April 22, 2011

Great product

Getting these to fit oriental made Pauls-and archtops

By guitrailer guitars from Onward, IN
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, April 03, 2011

When re-doing an Epiphone Hollow-bodied Les Paul, [the "previous tech" had put in a Seymour Duncan, wired it in wrong - the reason for the customer coming to me, etc].....when taking the ring off, I noticed "previous" had screwed the front corner toooooo tight, broke the holder tube hole away from the ring - under there.

I ordered #1508, and a new bridge because one of the saddle screws was wore out too. The Gotoh #1511 bridge was a direct drop on, no need to change the studs(wiping forehead: WHEW!!)just file in the sting grooves a little bit on the saddles, great looking bridge too......That new plastic ring tho was a little narrower width than the stock one - and tooo tall - back to the drawing board. (The description and measurements in the catalog tells ya that it is flat, duh, don't complain if ya can't do a little sandpaper work.)

I had to either (try to)use it by putting some Stikit sandpaper-#5770- on the top of the Paul and sanding it down to the radius of the arched top(a whole bunch of work for us lazy people, haha), with all of this leaving a little bit visible, open gap at the front of the pup pocket(NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME FOR THIS PRETTY BABY DOLL), OR- back to superglue magic and fix the original and hope it holds. The broken part - a little black tube-ette of plastic had come out when I removed that hold down screw and removed the pup ring. These parts are curing as I type. They wouldn't lay together too good. This plastic doesn't seem to like superglue, I had to use an ice pick laying on top of it, with a pair of pliers for weight to hold it all down. I remembered to put a sheet of "nothing sticks to" teflon-#0487- under all this to avoid sticking to the bench, no duhs on that one.

I notice that the other screw tube holes are scored by being screwed into by the other hold down screws on the pup mounting ring, they could go too! Now to devise a way to re-inforce these other hold-down tubes on this old oriental ring, {comment* - oh to be a plastic injection engineer and help the craft for them, hahahaha!}

This guitar is so beautiful it strikes me funny that I never seen a Gibson Les Paul hollow body like it.....can't wait to plug it into my Super Reverb and Champ to see how it sounds. RP ~

A little expensive.

By T Copley from Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have nothing bad to say about the quality at all. However I think they are a little expensive for a relatively basic piece of plastic, when you compare to other items that are much more complicated and fractions of a millimeter are imperative (e.g. electronic components).

Humbucker rings

By truefret from Milton, WI
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good quality and fit well for my application - replacement for customers damaged rings.

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