JHS Bomb Boost Pedal Kit

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JHS Bomb Boost Pedal Kit

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JHS Bomb Boost Pedal Kit

About This Item

    Build your own high quality pedal
  • Genuine JHS circuits and components
  • Easy StewMac instructions and support

Bomb Boost: Clear, natural distortion
Easy entry into pedal building, and it's a pedal you'll use all the time. If you've never assembled a pedal before, start right here!

Use it in front of your overdrive, distortion, and fuzz pedals for thicker, more saturated tone.
Put it after your pedals to make your existing tone louder (perfect for solos).
Keep it on all the time to boost signal loss caused by long effects chains or pedals that aren't true bypass.

    This is the genuine JHS Bomb Boost in kit form
  • Original quality components used by JHS
  • Genuine JHS circuit board
  • Sturdy cast metal case, predrilled
  • Step-by-step picture instructions from StewMac

If you can't buy it, build it!
JHS retired their hand-built Bomb Boost, and the only way to buy one has been to talk somebody into selling theirs (not likely). These great pedals need to be back in the hands of players, so StewMac partnered with JHS to create this classic reissue kit.

True bypass: when the Bomb Boost is switched off, it does not affect your signal chain.

The original Bomb Boost came in a mini-sized case. For this kit, we sized it to fit a standard enclosure.

This DIY pedal kit includes:
Metal pedal enclosure (4-13/16" x 2-5/8" x 1-3/8")
Circuit board
Control knobs
Toggle switch
Stomp switch
Output jacks
LED + LED mounting bezel
DC power connector
Ribbon cable and wire

This pedal requires a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply (not included) and consumes less than 100mA. There's no battery option.



Product Instructions

Pedal Kit Assembly Instructions

Build your own high quality pedal from JHS and StewMac

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JHS Bomb Boost Pedal Kit


Verified Buyer

Get kit! It came with easy to follow instructions and was very easy to assemble. Once together it works great with no added noise to the signal chain. I recommend it to anyone who can use a soldering iron. Only down side is taht it should come with the appropriate power source.


Easy to build, sounds good but be careful of power source


Verified Buyer

It's a good little boost pedal, put it together this afternoon, easy as pie.... until i powered it up and heard a high pitched whine. I went over the solder joints numerous times, checked everything twice, I build tube amps as a hobby, so it was pretty confusing as to why it didnt work. Until I tried a "good" power supply. I had been using a cheap budget wall wart, that works fine with Boss pedals, but as soon as i used a truetone one, the noise COMPLETELY dissapeared. Talked it over with a tech buddy, we can only figure that the rectification of the DC supply was reeeeeally sloppy. But once i had a good supply, it worked great!

StewMac PDF Catalog, page 85 See JHS Bomb Boost Pedal Kit
on page 85 of our StewMac Digital Catalog