Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

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Straight-up raw vintage! Closely modeled after an outstanding vintage P.A.F. set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 2, nickel

Neck, Alnico 2, nickel

Item # 5408
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 2, nickel

Bridge, Alnico 2, nickel

Item # 5416
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 2, gold

Neck, Alnico 2, gold

Item # 5408-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 2, gold

Bridge, Alnico 2, gold

Item # 5416-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 5, nickel

Neck, Alnico 5, nickel

Item # 5409
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 5, nickel

Bridge, Alnico 5, nickel

Item # 5417
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 5, gold

Neck, Alnico 5, gold

Item # 5409-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 5, gold

Bridge, Alnico 5, gold

Item # 5417-G
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Parsons Street Humbuckers: pickups with real P.A.F. specs

These pickups are true to Gibson's original 1950s P.A.F. pickup specs. Great sound at a low price!

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Straight-up raw vintage! Closely modeled after an outstanding vintage P.A.F. set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

True vintage sound.
We christened these exceptional humbuckers in tribute to the famous Kalamazoo address where the holy grail of pickups, the legendary P.A.F. (Patent Applied For), was born.

Just like the originals, the slug coil has more windings than the polepiece coil, and both coils are unpotted. Old P.A.F.s weren't made in separate neck and bridge-position models, and their DC resistance varied from 7-9K ohms. We give you a choice: Parsons Street neck-position pickups are wound to mid 7K, and bridge-position models to low 8K.

Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers sweet vintage tone was crafted to vintage P.A.F. specifications:
• Nickel-silver cover for tone transparency
• Original 1.97" (50.04mm) polepiece spacing
• Plain enameled AWG42 coil wire
• Black paper coil tape
• Wood spacer
• Choice of Alnico 2 or Alnico 5 magnet
• Nickel-silver baseplate
• Single-conductor braided shield output wire

Your choice of original-style magnets:
• Alnico 2 for warm tone with smooth highs and a soft bottom response.
• Alnico 5 produces a clear tone with more pronounced highs and a tighter low end.
(Original P.A.F.s contained Alnico 2, 3 and 5 magnets at various times.)

Neck models: mid 7K ohms
Bridge models: low 8K ohms

Height.840"(21.34mm)including mounting tabs

Height adjustment screws, springs and wiring diagrams included.

Mounting rings and mounting ring screws are available separately.

Handy Humbucker Helpers make installation easy.

Trade Secrets! Newsletter

Wiring a humbucker to get two sounds

Erick Coleman shows how he modified a Parsons Street Humbucker, turning it into a switchable single-coil/humbucker combination.

Product Instructions

Golden Age Parsons Street Humbucker

Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age Parsons Street Humbucking pickups.

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

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Indispensable pour Epiphone Joe Pass

By Bluester from Switzerland
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bridge Alnico 5, neck Alnico 2: un pur bonheur sur mon Epiphone Joe Pass (les micros d'origine Ttaient Tpouvantables). Ces micros ont du caractFre, des harmoniques et une grande personnalitT (je ne joue que du blues et du blues-rock).

Tone Quest Found

By ken edge from greensboro nc
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi Folks, thanks for creating a very great sounding pick up! These produce the "sound" that I have been looking for! I have tried more than a few pickups in the past 14 years and these are the ones that will stay in one of my Les Paul copy. They are the most articulate sounding of all that I have tried, while still retaining the "tone" of a classic PAF PU. The others including the brand with preamps built in are accurate but sterile. These are articulate but still have that PAF vibe that so many are searching for. I will probably try the alnico five set in one of my other Les Paul clones. Have a great day, I think I'll go play that guitar some more! Ken Edge


By jbjr from australia
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The only Stewmac product I've ever been disappointed with. Nickel covers were too wide to fit standard pickup rings so I had to remove the covers to fit, next the legs are very long and would not fit in a strat body without routing, and finally the tone was dull and lifeless. These are really not up to scratch for the price being asked.

Big gun

By Mack Guitarworks from Hungary/Europe
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, February 09, 2011

After years of trying pickups, my favorite pickups are the 57' classics. Since i can't get them for lower price, i searched an alternative pickup. This pickups are very similar, i simply can't hear any difference. I like the alnico 5 version, instead of the 2. It's crunchy, well balanced. It really shines. I installed them in my '59 Les Paul replica.

The 5 stars are for the sound and old price. I'm very-very disappointed with the new price, since i can get the 57 classics for the bucks. Maybe, it was my first and the last parson street order.

Best pickups that I've ever owned

By Robert (Bob) Hardison from Columbia, Tn.
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, January 03, 2011

I have favorably used Golden Age humbuckers on two other guitars, but after reading comments about the Parsons Street Humbuckers, I had to try a pair. I was so ever pleased. They gave my guitar which is a Brownsville MB630 the sound that it never had before. I love the way it has improved my guitar and will recommend them to everyone. Thank you for having such great products. Bob Hardison

Long legs

By melodic1 from Buffalo, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These are great. Just a heads up though, they have long legs. Not good for Strats without modding. Too bad I was dying to put it in to compliment my Golden age bridge pickup. My mistake, pickup is great. I may keep it for an import Paul if I buy one.

pick ups

By Ivan Walker from Coker,Al.
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, December 02, 2010

Golden Age pick-ups are the best. I'm a Epiphone fan and for $120.00 you can make them sound like a $2600.00 Gibson. Now whats wrong with that?

Classic Tones For a Classic Price

By George from Hobart, IN
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello Everyone: I recently acquired A parsons street humbucker and an overwound humbucker from a friend who couldn't finish a started project. I installed the pickups in a ESP Grassroots les paul, I used a stew mac wiring kit and orange drop capacitors, well let's say the tone is pure classic, the parsons street humbucker sounds like what a PAF should sound like. It sounds like a boutique pickup with out the boutique price.

With the overwound pickup in the bridge position it has that nice "BURST" tone you hear in the late 50's les pauls. I am playing them through a marshall jcm 900 and it has that classic tone. With this setup it sounds like Joe Walsh or the Led Man Jimmy Page. I really want to thank the gang at stew mac for bringing an affordable option to our guitars, especially in this economy at the moment.

Thanks again


By tommyUK from ENGLAND
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'd like to thank you for my last order which included an es-175 trapeze a parson st alnico 2 neck pickup and a micro bead pad selection.

> I own an es-175 copy that had been made by the takamine factory as a prototype that never went into production. I was never happy with the feel or sound of the guitar but I knew it had been very well built. I used the micro bead pads to take the over polished lacquer down and to polish out the rough edges on the neck and fretboard. I change the pickup and .......WOW!!!!!! not only has the trapeze given it a better acoustic quality and more sustain the micro bead pad polishing has given it a look that resembles 50 years of polishing and the neck feels amazing. Here's the best bit, the pickup is truly stunning. I've often heard people describe tone as sweet, this pickup for me is not only sweet it's much much more. The high tones are so smooth until you dig in and then it has this cutting vintage blues tone, layoff and you get the sweetest of jazz tones. I can hear the plectrum momentarily scrape across the flat wounds on the lower strings to produce this almost breath like quality just before the sound opens out. A truly beautiful and inspiring tone, that I would be happy to put on any guitar and I've owned some amazing guitars in my 30 years of playing which have included some of the best hand wound pickups in the world.

Archtops that have been made by the likes of Dick knight, the luthier to Pete Townsend , George Harrison and Paul McCartney.... This humble guitar has now become my pride and joy and has inspired me to reach for greater things.

It's also worth mentioning that the previous owner had put one of your ebony bridges on it as well, fantastic, I think I speak for most when I say thank you so much for providing such incredible quality at an attainable price for the not so rich.


Lance Thomas

Parson Street HBs

By JCG from Hannover, Germany
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, November 12, 2010

Great sound, great value. Usually, I don't care too much for the pickups in my guitars. I take whatever my luthier recommends and that's about it. My Heritage Prospect from the Mid-90s was an exception. It's a fantastic little guitar but they shipped it with some dark sounding German pickups. It took me some years and many different pickups until I finally found the Parson Street HBs.

I chose the Alncio 2 version for both neck and bridge position and I couldn't be happier with that. To me it doesn't get any better just more expensive. The picture shows the guitar after the installation featuring the odd-colored (fitting the pickguard color) HB mounting rings from StewMac.

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