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The classic raw single-coil sound! Two new Golden Age P-90 models carry on the raw sound of early rock and electric blues.

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Parsons Street P-90

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Modern P-90

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The classic raw single-coil sound! Two new Golden Age P-90 models carry on the raw sound of early rock and electric blues.

Gibson's beloved vintage single-coils were the workingman's pickups, versatile for practically any playing style. Their raw sound was a driving force behind early rock and electric blues. Our Golden Age P-90s proudly carry on the tradition, with authentic components that faithfully deliver the classic bright tone.

We offer two Golden Age P-90 models to choose from: Our '50s-style Parsons Street™ model is named for the famous Kalamazoo street where the original P-90 was born. It features a black plastic bobbin with old-style enameled unpotted coil wire for the original slightly grittier sound, and is wound to 8.0K ohms. We also offer a modern version with a black fiber flatwork bobbin, wound to 8.7K ohms with wax-potted poly-coated wire for a smoother sound. The flatwork look is sometimes preferred for installations with the covers removed.

Golden Age P-90s are direct replacements in Gibson® Les Paul® Juniors, SG® Juniors, and SG Specials, plus archtop and semi-hollowbody Gibsons made for P-90s. And they're great choices for giving your next custom guitar that raw vintage tone.

Both Golden Age P-90 models share authentic vintage details:
Alnico 5 magnets
AWG42 coil wire
1.97" (50mm) polepiece spacing
Braided single-conductor hookup wire
Original-spec nickel-plated polepiece screws

Black plastic soapbar cover included. More P-90 covers are available separately.

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Upgrading an inexpensive semi-hollowbody with P-90 sound

Erick Coleman installs P-90 soapbar pickups into the dogear pickup frames on an Epiphone Casino. It's an easy upgrade that makes a big difference.

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Golden Age P-90s

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Golden Age P-90 Pickups

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Don't hesitate buying these!

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, January 17, 2015

I just put these in a project Tele and I am absolutely blown away at how good these sound!!! I have 6 Telecasters and I now have a new favorite sporting a set of the Parsons Street P-90's

Exceeded my expectations

By Samuel from Katy, TX 
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I replaced some unbranded made-in-China P-90s on an inexpensive guitar that I recently bought with the modern Golden Age P-90s. For the price point, these pick ups greatly exceeded my expectations. The moderns are rather smooth but with low noise; not humbucker quiet, but really quiet compared to an older Gibson SG that I used to have. That said, they growl when I dig in. Great pickups! I will probably try some of the Golden Age humbuckers on a future project.

superbe micro

By Le Bigot from Bouray/juine FRA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 04, 2014

je tiens a remercier toutes l'équipes de stewmac pour la qualitée de leurs produits
le micro parson street est vraiment bon .Je l'ai installé
sur une gibson sg junior a la place de celui d'origine .
le son est plus chaud,plus précis ,plus puissant que le P90 GIBSON
Bref...superbe micro merci stewmac


By redir from Blacksburg, VA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 03, 2014

I've purchased Golden Age humbuckers before and found them to be a good bang for the buck replacement for budget guitars but these are pro all the way. They simply sound fantastic. I'm talking about the Parsons Street ones in particular. They have the perfect blues growl and micronphonics and they are very quiet to boot.


By Chris Whitehead from Clinton, MO
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, December 26, 2013

These were purchased to retrofit an ESP Viper 256P 24fret, SG-style guitar that I recently purchased. This and several other ESP models, both single and double cutaways have used a "stacked" P90 design, originally provided through Duncan Designed, but these pickups are now eratic in quality and tone, being made who knows where and by whom. Even without any potting wax, I find the Parsons Street P-90's acceptably "quiet," especially when both pickup positions are on, but I have no complaint whatsoever about the noise floor when playing only the neck or bridge. Think Carlos Santana SG Special type tones from the Gibson instruments of the late 60's, and I think that is the best overall description.

Build quality, wiring, pole pieces, and covers are all top notch quality. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to put these into any Gibson instrument as a replacement, although they are not as prominent in the upper mid-frequencies; not as "brash," or in your face as the original Gibson branded pickups being made at the present time. Beautiful chimey round top end, without sacrificing a nice tight, thumping bottom register. I have used the Golden Age Parsons Street humbucker products from Stew Mac in several variations, and find their P-90's to be a perfect fit to the collection in every respect. Use these without hesitation, save some money, and play harder.

Great P90s

By Phil R from Exeter, United Kingdom
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Replaced existing pickups on a telecaster type guitar (UK Royal) with the Golden Age P90s. It sounds terrific, full of character with that wonderful growl when you dig in. Very versatile and I love them.

P90 Heaven

By Lennie Joseph from Rochelle Park NJ
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 11, 2013

I recently installed two Modern P90s in my Epi 1961 SG Reissue. I was dissapointed with the tone from the Epi pups and electronics, while I love the guitar. This guitar is alive now with tone for days! I am considering a set for my '07 PRS SE Soap Bar II. Its a lot like the SG. A friend told me to order a set of Lollars, but for half the price these are awesome!!!

Really Good

By TisDale Custom Guitars from Renton, WA, USA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, April 14, 2013

I was really amazed by these. Really loud, powerful, and articulate. Srangely enough, i dont get any buzz from them. Very impressed.

P-90 sound

By ke5fbh from texas
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just replaced the neck PU on my 68 Casino, with a modern P-90. OUTSTANDING TONE AND RESPONSE, it never had that volume with my mesa boogie on 3. The overall response is amazing, it will play sweet or mean depending on how you lean on it. Only problem now, I need another one for the bridge. Great pickup!

Golden Age P-90

By benderb9 from St Petersburg,FL
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, February 22, 2013

Used in a Squier Tele Custom II, the stock pickups just seemed to lack something. Putting in Parsons Street Vintage P90s woke this instrument up and brought it to life. They have that heavy single coil sound and make me think of the old Les Paul Jrs I had many years ago. Great string to string definition with minimal hum these pickups have the girth to hang. Have bought Parsons Street HB's before and was very happy with them, the P90s are every bit as satisfying. These are VERY good P90s that are installed to stay. Great job StewMac I can finally stop gassing for a P90 equiped guitar (at last).

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