GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

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The natural sound of your instrument... only louder.

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GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

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The natural sound of your instrument... only louder.

This popular miniature low impedance mic is mounted on a flexible gooseneck, with an integral 1/4" endpin jack.

The microphone is suspended inside the guitar, without contacting the soundboard or altering the instrument's acoustics.

Overall length is 17" allowing the mic to be positioned for best sound. Instructions and battery included.

Also available, a special shielded cable that has 1/4" to 3-pin XLR connectors and is 15 feet long.

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GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

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GHS Soundhole mic

By toby2001 from Nottingham Uk
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, October 28, 2011

Bought this to put in an LAG 12 string. It fits very neatly but due to the length of the goose neck I think it will need some kind of clip at the sound hole to stop it moving about. The battery will be a pain to change but I am going to look at soldering a remote battery carrier in just under the soundhole somewhere to save any trouble there. I have positioned the mic just about under the the top E strings at the rear of the sound hole and it sounds superb, I play it through a Roland cube amp on the mic setting and it is as clean and crisp as anyone could wish for.

Excellent little mic at a reasonable price, UK buyers please note I got stung ú10 duty at customs but hey someone has pay for the champagne.

Installation Notes

By Trip from Sharpsburg, GA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 18, 2011

The threaded shaft measured .476" in diameter with my calipers. The instructions recommend using a 15/32" bit. I don't have an Endpin Jack Reamer (4323) but am considering getting one.


By Caravella Guitars from East Meadow, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All the bad reviews on all the other sites of this product it seems is because they do forget the fact that it's a microphone and not a pickup and needs to be treated and reviewed as such and does not sound like the acoustic electric guitars that so many have come accustomed to hearing these days. This mic, while not the absolute best out there is excellent for the price and reproduces the sound so much more accurately than any other 'pickup' system out there. So unless under saddle or piezo sound is what your after this is the one for your budget. I found it perfect for my 30 year old Yamaha CJ818 where all other pickups made it sound way to electric. Once you find the sweet spot you are golden. Just my 3 cents worth.

Good Option for Non-Luthiers

By dRandall from Arkansas
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gift for the father-in-law. Easier to install than a contact pickup, and sounds at least as good (better, f-in-law says). Endpin jack works great, but it was a little tricky getting the internal nuts properly adjusted. The only real negative I have is the battery. The included battery was essentially DOA (no big deal), and the clip would not take a standard AA battery w/o modification. Battery placement is also problematic--when this one is dead, will have to remove entire unit to replace the battery. Still, no regrets thus far. Would not hesitate to recommend this unit where appropriate.

son bien dTfini

By chaladichal from france
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 07, 2011

un micro de bonne qualitT

a great sounding surprise !

By Lowelectric Guitars from Besancon, France
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 24, 2011

i was looking for an affordable pickup to mount in a classical guitar and found this one. i'm not too keen on piezos undersaddle pickups, because despite of their dynamic, they sound too bright and metallic.

This particular pickup, placed into the body can be orientated depending on the sound you like, and most of all respect the proper characteristics of the instrument ! Also very easy to install, the mounting couldn't be quicker.

Next time, i will try it for one of my own steel strings guitar, but it's already a great discovery for the price !

Perfect for Classical Guitar!!

By R King from StL
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, December 09, 2010

MOST sound hole pick-ups will NOT work on a nylon stringed instrument, because they use magnets, that will only "pick-up" vibrations from metallic strings! I put this in my friends guitar & we played our first electric gig. I think his guitar sounded better than my stock undersaddle p.u. & we play the same brand of guitar! We plugged it directly into my board,w/out a di or pre-amp! I did use the XLR cable though. I didn't have any problems w/feedback at all!! EZ2 install!! GR8 tone! Highly recommended!!!

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