3PDT Stomp Switch

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3PDT Stomp Switch

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3PDT Stomp Switch

A special replacement footswitch for pedals and effects boxes. Modify your effects for true bypass and even wire a status indicator LED.

For pedals and effects!
Ever notice how a wah-wah and other vintage-style effects color your sound and mess with the tone of your other pedals, even when turned off? That's because many guitar effects aren't wired for a true bypass. This will muddy your tone, and cause other effects in the signal chain to lose volume.

Use this special triple-pole double-throw 9-lug footswitch to rewire vintage pedals or effects boxes. It allows unbuffered bypassing of the effect circuit without coloring the tone of the instrument or other components in the signal chain. The third pole can be wired to control an LED status light or other custom function. This is useful for stage performers, as it leaves no question if the "box" is on or off.

At least 1" (25.4mm) depth and a 1/2"-diameter (12.70mm) mounting hole are required. The threaded portion is 7/16" (11.11mm) tall.

Hex nuts, spring washer, flat washer and wiring instructions are included.

Trade Secrets!

Build this bypass pedal to turn your stompboxes OFF!

Erick Coleman's got a simple wiring project that most guitarists need: a true bypass stomp switch to take your effects pedals in/out of your signal chain.

Product Instructions

3PDT Stomp Switch Instructions

How to install the 3PDT Stomp Switch as a true bypass in old and new effects pedals.

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This was a great switch. Good Price too!


Great switch!

(Customer's Reviews)

Every other site I've found that sells 3PDT's sells the same cheap, blue, Taiwanese switch. Thank you StewMac for being more concerned about quality than price. Put this bad boy in there a couple months ago and it's still holding strong. Worth every single bit of the extra money! Buy it!

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