Snakewood Knobs for Schaller Tuners

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Snakewood Knobs for Schaller Tuners

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Snakewood Knobs for Schaller Tuners

About This Item

Give your Schaller tuners a new look!
Lightweight, exotic snakewood is ideal for a non-traditional, modern look. Each button includes one gold screw.

0.650" tall x 0.906" across (16.51mm x 23.01mm)

These large knobs fit full-size Schaller M-6 Guitar Machines and Schaller Locking Tuners.

Note: These knobs will not fit Grover, Gotoh, or Sperzel tuners.

Sold individually.

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The best customer service ever

(Customer's Reviews)

I ordered what I thought was a set of tuner knobs. A package arrived and I thought there was nothing inside. So I called, the nice person said, "no problem we'll send your order right away". Another box showed up, and again I thought it was empty, so again I called. At this time I was informed that this product was sold individually and not as a set. I rummaged through the packing and found 1. Then fortunately, and thanks to really fast shipping, I went through the paper packing of the first box and found another knob. I said I would like to pay for the second knob and order the other 4 needed to make the set I wanted. The customer service person really took great care of me. Due to the confusion on my part, he took my order for the remainder of the set I wanted and got them to me ASAP. This is some of the best customer service I have ever experienced and has made me into a devoted customer.
Thank you Stewart/McDonald, you ARE the best.