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Humbucker Kit

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Now you can build your own guitar pickups from the ground up: go for the vintage sound or wind it your own way for custom tone!

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Humbucker Kit
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5961 With Alnico 5 magnets and zebra bobbins Yes
6 or more $25.38  

5962 With Alnico 5 magnets and black bobbins Yes
6 or more $25.38  

2961 With Alnico 2 magnets and zebra bobbins Yes
6 or more $25.38  

2962 With Alnico 2 magnets and black bobbins Yes
6 or more $25.38  

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Each of our pickup kits has vintage-style parts and includes an assembly diagram to get you started.

Choose Alnico 5 or Alnico 2 magnets:
Alnico 2 magnets give a warmer tone and low end response with smooth, singing highs. Many builders use them in the bridge pickups of solidbodies.
Alnico 5 produces a brighter tone with a tighter low end and stinging highs. They're great for neck position pickups, to help keep the tone clear without getting muddy.

Humbucker Kit includes
  • Nickel silver baseplate
  • Unwound plastic bobbins
  • Nickel-plated steel polepiece slugs
  • Nickel-plated polepiece screws
  • Bar magnet (Alnico 2 magnets are marked red on one end to tell them apart from Alnico 5's)
  • Polepiece spacer
  • Shim
  • Bobbin screws
  • Coil lead wires
  • Braided push-back wire
  • 4-conductor hookup wire

The assembled pickup fits a standard Gibson® P.A.F.-size (1-15/16" spacing) pickup covers and mounting rings.

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 Ratings and reviews
Humbucker Kit
Humbucker Kit
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 ratings Write a Review
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4 8-18-2011
Good kit

I've made over a half dozen of these now. I've been ordering magnets from All Star Magnetics just to get some variety instead of A5 that come with this kit. So now I have A2,A4, A5, and A8.

The only big complaint I have with this kit is that the springs are not long enough. Using these springs in a Gibson Explorer type guitar (with the skinny pu rings makes for a wobbly humbucker.

Keep in mind you CAN use Gibson gold or chrome covers on these pickups, but they have to be "neck" (not bridge) spaced. If you buy them, it will say which on the back by the UPC.

a magnet option, as well as a gold option would be nice.

The real hard part about soldering is how long the wires should be and how to tuck them in. I'm still messing with this and different ideas. Would be cool to see a video on this if anyone if up to it, customer or StewMac themselves!

NPB_EST.1979  Detroit, MI Read my reviews (14)
5 7-26-2011
good quality kit

Its a pretty good sounding kit. I've only wound 3 of these but so far (besides some little errors on my part) they've all turned out good sounding and looking. I plan on buying and winding many more of these kits.

Nolan Peach  Colorado Read my reviews (10)
4 1-07-2011
humbucker kit

I've built a few using these parts,it's a lot easier than trying to hunt down all the individual parts.
It would be nice to have the option to choose different magnet type, like alnico 2,4, or 5.

Dave Paetow  Minnesota, USA Read my reviews (5)
Customer supplied image for review
5 12-21-2010
first pickup I built

The StewMac humbucker kit was the first guitar pickup I built. After building over 150 pickups, mostly single coils, I have found that there is no higher quality pickup parts than StewMac. The instructions were very informative while I was learning. And again, they provide top quality products.

Eastgrove pickups  St. Louis, Mo Read my reviews (35)
5 12-15-2010
Great kit.

This is a great kit. All the pieces supplied, the result is all in the winding.

Pole spacing is the Gibs*n neck pickup.

Future options please:
1. gold pole-piece screws
3. AlNiCo II magnet option
2. bridge pole spacing

Quintin  Georgetown, PEI Read my reviews (10)
5 10-15-2010
Hand wound humbucker

I really like these pick up kits. By winding the pick up's myself I can create the tones that I want. Gibson PAF or over wound hot, mix and match magnet wire for even more creative tones. Thank you stew mac for the wonderful kits. They are a money saver and a money maker.

T. C. Tyler  Portland, OR Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
5 9-23-2010
Humbucker Kit

I think these kits are very fine. I make many pickups very close to the original PAF of the '50. I use them for Les Paul, Gibson 335, and some Telecasters when I need to add one humbucker in the neck position or Stratocaster for the bridge position. I have always had great satisfaction.

Fulvio  Barlassina, Italy
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-22-2010
Great Idea and Products.

These kits are top quality and I have had a lot of fun and saved tons of money making my own pickups. I have made enough money winding for friends and others to pay for my own hobby. Stewmac trade secrets newsletters have been invaluable for winding pickups as well as all of my guitar projects and repairs. Erick's article on making custom pickups gave me the confidence to make my own bobbins and custom pickups like the P90 size humbucker in the picture. Their service is top notch.

Mark Kovacic  Hidden Hills, Ca Read my reviews (3)
StewMac responds

Thanks Mark! Here's a link to the Trade Secret article you mentioned, Build your own custom pickups.

Customer supplied image for review
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