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ColorTone Tinted Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

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Traditional finishes made simple! Ideal for touch-up work, or for finishing an entire instrument. Fast-drying and resistant to alcohol and water.

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ColorTone Tinted Aerosol Guitar Lacquer
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5880 Vintage Amber
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.
3 or more $13.97  

5881 Cherry Red
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.
3 or more $13.97  

5882 Tobacco Brown
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.
3 or more $13.97  

5883 Red Mahogany
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.
3 or more $13.97  

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Formulated specifically for musical instruments. Tinted and sunbursted nitrocellulose lacquer finishes never go out of style. Now you can finish your instruments in beautiful traditional colors that enhance the wood grain, without complicated spray equipment.
13-ounce spray cans.

ColorTone® Tinted Aerosol Guitar Lacquer can be sprayed over smooth unfinished wood; over sanded basecoats of grain filler; over ColorTone nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer, and over ColorTone Stains. Spray additional coats of ColorTone Clear Aerosol Guitar Lacquer for a hard, durable finish with a deep gloss.

Aerosol spraying is an economical way for the beginner to apply a finish. Aerosols produce a slightly rougher surface than spray guns however, and more sanding of the clear topcoats may be needed for a level finished surface. Tinted coats should not be sanded.

Application Tips: We recommend spraying multiple thin coats, in a low humidity environment. Heavy-bodied Sanding Sealer (one coat equals two coats of lacquer) will seal stained or unstained wood before the color coats or clear topcoats are applied. At least one can of Sanding Sealer and 4-6 cans of lacquer will usually finish a complete guitar.

Use warm lacquer, not cold!
Pro shops spray heated lacquer because cold lacquer spatters, requiring extra sanding. You should warm up your aerosol lacquer too, simply soak them in a sink of warm tap water.

Our ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Kit is a great choice for the first-time instrument maker. It includes our easy-to-apply clear gloss aerosol finish with the best instruction book available!

How to spray a sunburst using aerosol cans
How to spray a sunburst using aerosol cans
How to spray a sunburst using aerosol cans Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman uses tinted aerosols to recreate a vintage Strat 3-tone 'burst.

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 Ratings and reviews
ColorTone Tinted Aerosol Guitar Lacquer
ColorTone Tinted Aerosol Guitar Lacquer
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 96 ratings Write a Review
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1 12-01-2012
Be Careful

I read some reviews beforehand about this product yellowing too much (this is not my first finish job) and decided to give it a go on my LP refinish and a current customer's J-Bass. Luckily I used it on my LP first. After warming the lacquer (and yes I checked the temp) the can spit like crazy after shaking for a solid minute. After multiple spits and a light misting coat, I decided to look at my work. The once yellow finish turned as orange as a basketball. I always use Naptha as well on my stains/finish before I spray anything and with the Naptha it did not yellow. I stripped the guitar and started all over. A shame really but I'm glad I used it on my own guitar before I tried it on a customer's bass. I would not recommend this to anyone for either toning or finishing. Nor would I even attempt to use this particular product again.

Domenic  NC
5 12-01-2012
Great product for beginners!

I enjoy assembling and finishing kit guitars. These areosols paints are perfect for beginners to use. Practice on scrap first and you'll find when you paint your guitar it will look very close to a professional look prior to the final rub out. The spray is very even and makes it very convienent to use. Highly recommended. Don't forget to use a mask and read all your directions.

The-G-man  Stockton, Ca Read my reviews (2)
5 11-23-2012
Good for limited space

I have no spray booth or room to put one so I have to do my finish work outdoors. No way to hook up a spray gun so I use this lacquer on almost every banjo I make. With a little ingenuity I can get a decent sunburst effect on resonators and necks with Vintage Amber, Red Mahogany, and Tobacco Brown. I use Gloss Black for pegheads. Then I use about 8-12 coats of clear gloss to finish. It may not be quite as professional as a hand rubbed finish but it still turns out to be a decent job.

Mark Harper  Lexington KY Read my reviews (44)
5 11-11-2012
ColorTone Tinted Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

This is the first time I ever tryed to finish my own guitar. After watching hrs of videos I purchased a book on building your own guitar. It gave me Stewart-Mcdonald site to purchase my finish colors. I did not want to have to mix ect my colors so I bought the tinted lacquers from sterwart-Mcdonald. I love the colors and how easy it is to use the cans .

Merle  buffalo ny Read my reviews (5)
Customer supplied image for review
3 11-07-2012
Great color hard to control

I bought the Cherry Red to do a sunburst on a LP clone. The color and transparency is fantastic. My only issue is that the spray pattern was hard to control and I eneded up with much more red than I wanted. It still looks OK and I could have sanded it off it I wnated to.

UncleHammy  Towanda, Kansas Read my reviews (8)
5 10-28-2012
ColorTone Cherry Red tinted lacquer spray

I'm very happy with the results using this spray. I had a quilted maple detail panel for an amp that I dyed black, then shot a cherry color coat using this spray. Turned out great, no problems with the nozzle. Really matched up well with the red/black snakeskin detail on the amp.

JeffG  KC area
Customer supplied image for review
5 10-13-2012
Beyond belief!

It's actually true, you CAN get a factory finish right out of a can! Used less than one can to do TWO guitars, aceiving a PERFECT MATCH to factory Gibson SG finish. VERY IMPRESSED!!

MacToad  Walden, USA Read my reviews (4)
5 10-09-2012
Love the results of the amber and cherry

A little medium brown dye mixed with amber dye sprayed with vintage amber makes a solid butterscotch.

awphooeey  Poway,CA
Customer supplied image for review
1 10-08-2012
Worst nozzle ever

Color is nice, but the spray nozzle is terrible. Spits and sputters even after heating the can to 90 degrees. Can't clear the nozzle after spraying as it always spits out a bit more lacquer as you stop the spray when upside down. Tried using a nozzle off of another type of spray lacquer, but it wouldn't fit these cans. Will never buy again.

CJJ  Missoula, MT
5 9-22-2012
Vintage Fade Floor Tom

I found myself in a quandary when I wanted to add a 16" floor tom to my drum kit, but my kit's model had been discontinued for several years. I ended up taking the plunge based on an article I read to try to do an aerosol can fade finish and to build my own floor tom to match my drums. To that end, I feel I did a pretty good job.

The colors I used were Vintage Amber and Red Mahogany. To get the finish smooth on the fade, I put together a spinning platform with a lazy susan bearing and piece of plywood. This allowed me to maintain steady distance from my work surface and it also allowed for a very even application of the product.

It's not a perfect match - I ended up doing the fade a little higher than I should have, but it does more than pass close scrutiny - no one knows that this drum didn't come with my kit unless I point it out, and then when I do, they are amazed by the finish.

As a side note, I didn't use the StewMac clear as my top coat - for that I used another brand because I had used it before with great success, but for the colors, I think you'll agree they did the job nicely.

Patrick G  Glen Burnie, MD
Customer supplied image for review
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