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Golden Age Humbuckers

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Vintage vibe, great price. Wake up your guitar! For authentic classic tone, Golden Age humbuckers feature Alnico 5 magnets and AWG42 coil wire just like the originals.

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Golden Age Humbuckers
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5400 Black exposed coils, neck Yes

5401 Black exposed coils, bridge Yes

5400-S Black exposed coils, neck & bridge SAVE $9.40 Yes

Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5400-Z Zebra (cream & black) exposed coils, neck Yes

5401-Z Zebra (cream & black) exposed coils, bridge Yes

5400-ZS Zebra exposed coils, neck & bridge SAVE $9.40 Yes

Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5402 Nickel cover, neck Yes

5403 Nickel cover, bridge Yes

5402-S Nickel covers, neck & bridge SAVE $11.40 Yes

Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5402-G Gold cover, neck Yes

5403-G Gold cover, bridge Yes

5402-GS Gold covers, neck & bridge SAVE $11.80 Yes

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Also available with nickel or gold covers. Save on neck and bridge sets!

Inspired by legendary pickups of the '50s.
Alnico 5 magnets give that warm classic tone. AWG42 coils are wound on black or zebra bobbins, fabric-taped, mounted on a brass baseplate, and wax-potted for microphonic suppression. The output wire is 4-conductor plus ground, allowing versatile custom coil-tapping, series/parallel, and phase switching options to expand your sound.

Wiring diagrams and vintage dimensions make installation in most humbucker-equipped guitars easy.

Bridge models:9.0K ohms, 2.015" polepiece spread
Neck models:8.0K ohms, 1.97" polepiece spread

All models have black or black/cream (zebra) bobbins with fabric-taped coils on a brass baseplate. Mounting screws, springs and wiring diagrams are included.

Height.840"(21.34mm)including mounting tabs

Looking for hotter output with more powerful midrange? Check out Golden Age Overwound Humbuckers.

TIP: Handy Humbucker Helpers make installation a whole lot easier.

Color-matching Cream Parts and Bindings
There have always been slight variations in the color of the cream plastic parts used on Gibson and other guitars. It's not uncommon to see brand new and vintage guitars with bindings, pickup rings, toggle switch rings and pickguards that don't perfectly match in color. We do our best to match all our cream products, but there's no absolute control from batch to batch, or from supplier to supplier.
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 Ratings and reviews
Golden Age Humbuckers
Golden Age Humbuckers
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 91 ratings Write a Review
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5 5-24-2012
I still can't believe my ears!

I bought a pair of Golden Age humbuckers, the 8k for the neck and an overwound 12k for the bridge. What a match. They are perfect together. The guitar is a Mighty Mite maple, rosewood neck and a basswood body built from guitar plans I bought right here at StewMac. I can't be more pleased with the tone I am getting. Perfectly balanced eq, easy harmonics, full bodied tone that handles any genre I can throw at them though they won't make a scooped mid, dropped tuned metal head happy but they will do anything else you play. I will buy another set of these soon in the future. Absolutely pleased!

Nathan K  NC Read my reviews (18)
5 5-18-2012
Golden Age pickups rock.

I recently purchased a 1999 Ibanez RG570 which I absolutely loved...except for the pickups. They were ok but had no definition. I installed the Golden Age humbuckers and they have transformed this guitar. Notes are clear with no muddiness. They are at least as good as the name brand pickups and in most cases, superior.

Douglas Kratz  Malvern, Arkansas Read my reviews (7)
5 5-05-2012
Great tone

I put one of these in the back of the soundhole of an acoustic and it sounds great with electric strings on the acoustic. I may be replacing the pickups in my SG with a set of these at some point.

Bjarne  NY Read my reviews (10)
5 5-05-2012
Golden ages are great!

I have a Gretsch 5122 that I had put a couple of Gibson 57's in to get a nice smooth sound to go with it's acoustics for our church band. The 57's sounded good but not enough punch/clairity on the notes. The 57's are alnico 2's. So I bought a pair of these Golden age alnico 5's and they are beautiful. They are smooth but have more punch and soft clairity. I bought them because I already have some in another guitar similiar to the gretsch and side by side the Golden ages sounded better than the Gibson's 57's for what I'm looking for.

Earlyserviceband  Richmond, Va Read my reviews (2)
5 4-13-2012
The Golden Age of affordable Tone!

I am Currently scratch building 2 Les Pauls and was originaly going scratch build the pickups modeled after that creamy PAF tone, Then I saw these and decided "Stew-Mac has done all the work for me" so I got them and they sound amazing!, Very Happy.

Gobig2000  Australia Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-29-2012
Best pickup for the price

I purchased the 5402-S Golden age pickups for a custom project I was working on. I wanted a nice vintage warm sound and these pickups delivered exactly that. These will be my go-to pickups from now on when I'm looking for that special sound.

McLuthier  Texas
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-21-2012
new life for the crowd pleaser

I wanted a brighter sound on more twang for my Epiphone double neck. so I ordered a set of the Golden age pickups for the twelve string. They made a big difference it has a nice clean twang as well great tone!

Radiant Sound  Manchester, Mi Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-16-2012
As good as it gets!

The vintage vibe humbuckers are a dead ringer for the Gibson PAF's on the ES-335. I put these on an Oscar Schmidt OE-30 in place of the Washburn 421/423 pickups for a friend. I was very impressed by the sound quality as well as the workmanship. I have been playing for over 30 years and these pickups are as good if not better than the originals they were designed to compete with and at this price...don't waste your money on anything else...WOW!

RockinRandy  Texas
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-17-2012
Just what the Doctor ordered.

I have just built a "Fenson" that is a Fender Strat neck in a Lespaul SG Body. I have wired the pickups in so that they can be split sing a push pull Tone pot with a mylar cap. The pickups I chose are relatively low output which may seem strange for an SG. However I have also fitted a little box of tricks which gives me a Gain boost and /or a top and bottom end boost. The resulting sounds from the pickups is awesome it goes from crystal clear jazz tones to "my God what happened to my ears" tones for solos and of course most places in between. Superb pickups for the money they are my second lot bought from Stewmac and they won't be the last.

Breathed on by Bob  London, UK Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-10-2012
Nice Pickups

I bought these to finish a stripped SG project that I got from a friend. First off I will admit that I am not a fan of over wound Mid hot pickups. These are just the ticket for me. They sound like the old Gibson Humbuckers that I grew up with. I would put these in the same neighborhood as Seth Lovers or Antiquities tone wise. If you're looking for something to melt your Dual Recto Mesa, these ain't it. It's not that they squeal, They just don't have the output and mids that these beasts like. If you're looking for a Humbucker with nice jangle for your Fender Super or Vox AC30 these will do very nicely. In fact, that's exactly what I use them with. They are just plain nice pickups. For the money, they are one of the best values I've seen yet.

archieaa1  Greenfield Center NY Read my reviews (2)
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