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Slide Guitar Extension Nut

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Designed to fit over a standard 6-string nut, this extender raises the strings to allow playing with a steel bar, Dobro-style.

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Slide Guitar Extension Nut
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4596 Slide Guitar Extension Nut Yes
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There's no need to modify the instrument or install a new nut; simply remove it for standard playing. The extension nut is made of nickel-plated steel, and is notched for 1-23/32" (43.66mm) string spread.

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Slide Guitar Extension Nut
Slide Guitar Extension Nut
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 24 ratings Write a Review
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5 7-20-2012
Just what the doctor ordered.

Easy to install, dirt simple and it works like a dream!

Vincent Iannone  Lake Havasu City, AZ Read my reviews (4)
5 6-26-2012
Everyone Should Have One

Cheap way to "expand" your guitar arsenal with breaking bank. Easy to do and easy to undo.

Jukebox John  Shutesbury, MA Read my reviews (8)
5 3-22-2012
SLide Guitar Extension Nut

Beautiful in its simplicity. Works like a charm and is easy to install and to take off. Well done!

Jimmy Ray  USA
4 3-09-2012
Great, cheap discovery tool

I got this because I wanted to see just how hard lap steel guitar would be to play. I bought 3 of them. I tried one on an acoustic, one on a tele and one on a strat. The extension nut worked as promised and I discovered that lap steel is not terribly difficult to play and I then decided to invest in a real lap steel guitar. My biggest problem was deciding whether to learn lap steel right-handed or left-handed as I am left handed. I decided to learn right-handed so I could play any lap steel and not spend my life looking for southpaw lap steels. After a month of practice it feels natural. Anyhow I would not recommend this product as a permanent lap steel setup because lap steels require heavy guage strings to get a good sound and putting heavy guage strings together with alternate tunings on a skinny strat or tele neck would likely do harm in the long run.

But as a cheap way to test the lap steel waters you cannot go wrong.

Paxalot  Ottawa, ON Canada Read my reviews (2)
5 12-29-2011
Slide Guitar Extension Nut

Great product. Wish a 8-string Extension nut was made.

Thomas Cross  Magnolia, Texas
5 12-22-2011

I have a resonator guitar that just won't intonate properly. Once I realized that, I was going to give up on it. But for $3.77 CAN I turned it into a slide guitar! This little unit is BRILLIANT!

mandotodd  Calgary, Alberta
5 12-14-2011
Pickin' Again

I played standard guitar for 60 years, yep six “O” and like most active players have acquired what some might consider a “collection”. Long story short, I have recently switched to lap steel playing. Discovered this slide guitar extension nut and fitted it to one of my Fender American Deluxe Telecasters and couldn’t be happier with the results. That being said, for those considering doing the same thing, please be aware that you need to be careful what tuning you use and select string gauges appropriate to the tuning. You can run the neck of a standard guitar if you don’t give this some thought. There are a zillion tunings for slide (lapsteel) guitar, actually I think around 4 thousand different ones. I tuned My Telle to A6th and it’s OK. I think that C6th is too stressful on the slim Telle Neck Not trying to tell anyone what to do, but here is my setup and it’s OK. Tuned to A6th. String Note Gauge Octave (Smallest to heaviest) 1. C# 0.014 Plain 4th 2. A 0.022 Plain 3rd 3. F# 0.024 Wound 3rd 4. E 0.028 Wound 3rd 5. C# 0.036 Wound 3rd 6. A 0.042 Wound 2nd

GTNorman  Murray, Kentucky
5 10-12-2011
A Revoution!

I had been playing slide for about two weeks, when I noticed 'dents' on the outer edge of some of the frets, beneath the high E string. So I decided to do something about it.
After just a little research on slide guitar, I stumbled upon your website and the Slide Guitar Extension Nut.
I just wish I had discovered it sooner; It blew me away!
I play (mostly) in open G, but also experiment with other open tunings!
Today, I learnt 'Rollin' and Tumblin', by Muddy Waters!
Thankyou guys, even though I'm in my 44th year of guitar playing, the sparks are still flying!
I bought 3 of these; one is fitted to my beloved Epiphone Sheridan! I play along to jam tracks on You-Tube. Fantastic!

Mickey D  London, England, United Kingdom
5 9-28-2011
Giving my acoustic guitar a second life

the Slide Guitar Extension Nut is the cheapest way to enjoy again an untunable acoustic guitar, and discover a whole new guitar technique.

JFF  Québec, Canada
5 9-07-2011
Amazingly easy

I used it in my Snake hollow-body eletric guitar and it fit nicely. If you want a nice and easy extension nut, this is the one. Product is top quality. I got suprised by the email translated to portuguese from StewMAC. Thumbs up!

Jod Alef  Salvador - BA - Brazil
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