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Black Fingerboard Stain

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Ebony in a bottle!
Makes streaked ebony fingerboards and bridges uniformly black.

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Black Fingerboard Stain
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4236 Black Fingerboard Stain
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The days of harvesting uniformly black ebony wood are rapidly fading—in fact, most ebony today is streaked with brown and gray. Fiebing’s black stain is a long-time guitar factory favorite for making ebony uniformly black (“ebonizes” other woods, too). LeatherColor™ is the new environmentally-friendlier formula. Wipe on, and wipe off the excess as needed.

Use it to darken new or old ebony fingerboards, bridges, tailpieces and peghead veneers on guitars, violins, mandolins and banjos. Unlike other black stains, Fiebings won't leave a bluish tint.
4-ounce bottle.

Tip: Clean the wood with naphtha and sand to 600-grit before staining. Mask off neck bindings, the nut, and any other areas you don't want to stain. Apply with a clean cloth or a brush, and be sure to wear protective gloves.

For ebony streaks, use black fingerboard stain
How Gibson and PRS get such good-looking ebony fingerboards
For ebony streaks, use black fingerboard stain Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman shows why black fingerboard stain is a standard item in any guitarmaker’s shop, including the big name builders.

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 Ratings and reviews
Black Fingerboard Stain
Black Fingerboard Stain
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 49 ratings Write a Review
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5 12-17-2011
Great Product... from Rosewood to Ebony in minutes

What can I say ? It is black, it soaks in and it stays where I put it. Great product.

DavidG  Albany, Georgia USA Read my reviews (11)
5 12-08-2011
Works great

Used this to stain a maple neck to a more ebony look. Be sure to wear gloves when you use this stuff because it will take a week to get it off your skin. Also it is a good idea to lightly wet/dampen the area you plan to use this before applying it.

JasonE  Worcester,MA Read my reviews (3)
5 12-05-2011

This is a great stain. It is an oil so it works on conditioning as well as creating a "like new" appearance. I will be using this on all my repairs in the future! TIP: WEAR GLOVES, unless you like black colored fingers for two days and explaining that to your friends at the office.

Dennis Phillips  Clifton, Texas USA Read my reviews (7)
5 7-31-2011
Excellent product for violin fingerboard

While restoring a violin with a faded fingerboard, i tried a couple of stains, but nothing looked very good. One application of this product made the fingerboard look like new.

An excellent product.

Grant Dittmer  Hanover Park, Illinois, USA
3 7-26-2011
Stains like a champ

This stuff really works for staining...wood gets really black and like some others here I have used it with good effect on rosewood fingerboards. Unfortunately it will leak right under blue masking tape even after burnishing the edges. So I have some bindings that have stains on it. Also it turns your fingers black when you play the guitar for months after using it. Like the others I have rubbed and rubbed it and used steel wool and still have black fingertips after playing.

DougM  Ohio Read my reviews (3)
5 7-05-2011

I am building a guitar and the fretboard I had for it was rosewood and completely assembled by the time I heard about this product. still I taped off the fretboard and used this and am amazed at how awesome it looks. looks like an ebony fretboard. the only bad side is the container does leak so be careful.

Zamar Guitar School  Bowling Green, Ky or USA
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-22-2011
For Black Ebony, This Is It!

If you want BLACK ebony, (or any other wood,) than this is THE stuff to get. I've mixed aniline dyes with quality stuff, but the results were not nearly as fine. It looks perfect, natural, (the grain and "topology" of the board remain, they're just black,) and stays that way forever.

So, just let your customers beware that it's a totally permanent stain: it's a one-shot deal.

I do prefer leaving wood natural in general, but most customers seem to want that pitch-black look on their ebony, and for that, this is the best product. One bottle goes a long way though, so make sure to seal it tight when you're storing!

MacDonnell Guitars  USA Read my reviews (5)
5 6-20-2011
Fiebings is the stuff - works very well

I was looking at my 1995 Fender American Standard V string, and not loving the color of the Pau Ferro fretboard in contrast to the black body color.

So I thought Id give this a try.
Cleaned the fretboard with Naptha, and then applied the Fiebings black dye with a q-tip. Gave it one medium coat, let it sit for about 10 mins, and then wiped off any excess.

It came out really nice, and has made the overall appearance of the Bass much better.
If you like the look of Ebony, or just a black fretboard,this is the stuff.

Word - this dye will blacken the night sky, so wear gloves, tape off well, and cover all work surfaces.

gmerriman  Mill Valley, CA., USA
3 6-17-2011
Good stuff

Works as advertised and stains with a solid consistent color. Error was on my part as I stained the fretboard and headstock veneer before working with them. Even though I removed the excess and allowed to dry over 24 hours it still kept staining my fingers and the binding work I later did. Works great but I need more practice.

agnusguitars  champaign, il Read my reviews (28)
5 5-28-2011

I work on prewar banjos 9 times out of 10 the finger boards are split i like keeping everything to original this allows you to save that fingerboard with the help of timbermate Rustic Ebony for fill along with this dye it looks like it is new you have to clean the board or it wont work properly i apply to the wood when about 3/4 dry i work it in with 400 silicone sand paper taking a cloth and rubed what i just sanded it works it into the wood i wipe it clean and apply a couple of more coats

Then just before it drys i dab a cloth on it later i get super fine steel wool 0000 and lightly buff you will get a wonderful finish again if you are not getting your supplies here you are really missing out

Harv  Arnold Missouri Read my reviews (3)
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