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Black Fingerboard Stain

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Ebony in a bottle!
Makes streaked ebony fingerboards and bridges uniformly black.

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Black Fingerboard Stain
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4236 Black Fingerboard Stain
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The days of harvesting uniformly black ebony wood are rapidly fading—in fact, most ebony today is streaked with brown and gray. Fiebing’s black stain is a long-time guitar factory favorite for making ebony uniformly black (“ebonizes” other woods, too). LeatherColor™ is the new environmentally-friendlier formula. Wipe on, and wipe off the excess as needed.

Use it to darken new or old ebony fingerboards, bridges, tailpieces and peghead veneers on guitars, violins, mandolins and banjos. Unlike other black stains, Fiebings won't leave a bluish tint.
4-ounce bottle.

Tip: Clean the wood with naphtha and sand to 600-grit before staining. Mask off neck bindings, the nut, and any other areas you don't want to stain. Apply with a clean cloth or a brush, and be sure to wear protective gloves.

For ebony streaks, use black fingerboard stain
How Gibson and PRS get such good-looking ebony fingerboards
For ebony streaks, use black fingerboard stain Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman shows why black fingerboard stain is a standard item in any guitarmaker’s shop, including the big name builders.

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 Ratings and reviews
Black Fingerboard Stain
Black Fingerboard Stain
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 49 ratings Write a Review
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5 8-09-2013
Will stain abalone, but not pearl.

This is great stain. The second coat didn't make much difference so one coat should do it in most cases. One important note ... I did an Ibanez neck with the pyramid inlays made of pearl and abalone. The stain wiped right off the first inlay which is just pearl so I kept going and did the whole neck. Oops. The abalone in the other inlays came out completely black. I was able to scrape the stain off them with a razor blade and 400 grit sandpaper, but it took a full hour. Next time I'll cover them with wax before applying the stain.

Daniel Carbone  Arlington VA Read my reviews (3)
5 5-12-2013
Black Fingerboard Stain

I used this on a rosewood fretboard, which i removed the dot inlays from and filled with ebony wood filler, sanded the fretboard using 300 grit sandpaper. Applied the stain, wiped off the excess, then used 800 microgrit paper and repeated the process. After drying, I used 1500 microgrit paper to give it that glossy smooth feeling. Came out great, my mates cant believe it's not real ebony.

William616  SC
3 5-08-2013
It is black dye for leather.

What I received is "Fiebings" Leather color. The bottle states:"penetrating leather dye for leather crafts, shoes and other smooth leather. Works OK but I thought I was buying something specific for guitars, banjos, etc., since it is sold as Black Fingerboard Stain on the Stewmac website. Leather dye is available locally costing less time and money.

Commissioner  Norfolk, VA Read my reviews (8)
5 5-04-2013
Black Fingerboard Stain

Awesome product-stained my Rogue RA-090 acoustic guitar in about 30 minutes. Color is deep and even. I used two coats and about 1/10 of the bottle.

KOJACK  TENNESSEE Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-13-2013
That Old Black Magic

I used this over a rosewood fingerboard on my Epiphone Emperor regent. I lightly sanded the fingerboard,I taped the frets and the inlays and the was a little time consuming , but it was worth it.I must say that I was a little leery about the way it might turn out. Ya can't go wrong with Stew Mac products.It came out beautiful..

7strings  New York Read my reviews (2)
2 12-14-2012
Would work IF...

I had an Epi quality SG that I wanted to darken the neck wood. The frets and inlay stayed on. I steel-wooled the fretboard and alcohol to get all the used finger oils out. I stained it with this, and it didn't stay dark in all the places.

NPB_EST.1979  Detroit, MI Read my reviews (14)
5 11-25-2012
Great Stuff!

I used this stain recently on a guitar of Kenny Chesney's that was damaged in the Nasville Flood. After scraping the lifted clear lacquer, I removed the loose binding and then fine sanded and then applied this stain. It scraped very easily off of the binding after it was put back on and the end result is outstanding! Be sure to wear gloves because this stuff loves to stain skin. Great Stuff!

Thom Abell-String Theory Guitar Repair  Mount Juliet, TN Read my reviews (20)
Customer supplied image for review
5 10-27-2012
Fret board... Ebonized

The ebony fret board was a little to expensive for a first time guitar so I bought a rosewood, I really wanted an ebony though... So I ordered a bottle of this stuff and it turned it from rosewood brown to tuxedo black with just a cloth, great stuff!

Jacob Nuñez  Victorville,CA Read my reviews (8)
5 9-20-2012
Blacker Than Black

This stuff works well! Follow the instructions, but be careful when sanding over any inlays, it can sink in and stain them as well. Gloves are an absolute necessity and a little goes a LONG way. I did two coats using generic art brushes on a friend's weather worn Alvarez rosewood board and it worked impressively well. I was annoyed for a number of days as it kept rubbing off on fingers and the cloths -- even after trying to clean it off for a few days (color never diminished). The secret to stop that rubbing off effect is to give it a good cleaning with naphtha... BAM! Cleaned it off in one fell swoop. I have not had any residue coming from the neck since that one time wipe down. Very good product.

Will Arnold  Lexington, KY Read my reviews (2)
5 8-08-2012
Black Finger Board Stain

Used this stain on my Fender f-115 LTD Guitar with a small brush and it worked very well,I have a steady hand so not to get it on anything else,rubbed it with a dry cloth and love the out come,if you get it on your hands use lauquier thinner and it comes right off.

Robert Mc Naught  Sault Ste Marie,Canada
Customer supplied image for review
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