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Fret Slotting Miter Box

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Improved and smoother than ever! Big improvements in smoothness and efficiency make this exclusive StewMac tool the ideal fret slotting solution for small shops.

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Fret Slotting Miter Box
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
2230 Miter Box only Yes

2231 Miter Box and #5744 Fret Saw SAVE $10.40 Yes

2232 Miter Box and #5755 Japanese Fret Saw SAVE $11.00 Yes

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Our R&D luthiers have added ball-bearing guides that make sawing impressively easier and a lot faster. No more binding or jamming: cutting fret slots is a pleasure instead of a chore!

SAVE when you order the miter box with our Fret Slotting Saw or Japanese Fret Saw.

"You won't believe how smoothly our improved fret slotting system works!"
—Don MacRostie, StewMac R&D

The ball-bearing guides hold your fret saw perpendicular to the fingerboard, and can be adjusted to match the blade precisely. You can quickly slot any board up to 3" (76.2mm) wide, with adjustable depth of cut for any fretwire. You always have an unobstructed view of your work, too—a feature you'll appreciate. Made of rugged aluminum and 12" (304.8mm) long, our miter box has convenient mounting holes for firm attachment to your workbench.

Note: Since the Miter Box only accommodates fingerboards up to 1/2" thick, it will not work for traditional Fender style one-piece necks, or one-piece cigar box guitar necks.

Saw precise fret scales without measuring. A special indexing pin in the side of the miter box is for use with our Dual Fret Scale Templates. They enable fast, easy and accurate fret slotting for common scales. No guesswork, no tedious measuring—a tremendous time-saver!

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 Ratings and reviews
Fret Slotting Miter Box
Fret Slotting Miter Box
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 42 ratings Write a Review
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3 4-17-2012
Way too expencive

I bought it because I didn't find something like it but the price is too high.

Yaron Naor  Bat Hefer, Israel Read my reviews (16)
5 4-12-2012
Excellent product

Honestly, the best deal on Stewmac are the pre-slotted fretboards. But if you're like me and desire to select your own materials, than you can't beat the precision of this marvelous product.

Hepburn  New Albany, Indiana Read my reviews (6)
5 4-12-2012
Works great

Great way to cut fret slots. Very accurate and easy to use. Make sure the teeth of the saw don't get caught by the brass when moving the saw upwards.

Jurwt  The Netherlands Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-24-2012
Who wants to go back to the old way?

It's all good top quality stuff. Well finished and easy to use. I like the way the Fret Scale clicks into position positively and firmly, without a hint of slop. A well done piece of engineering on this small detail.

Phil from Oz  Perth, West Australia Read my reviews (6)
5 2-23-2012
Worth the money

I wondered whether I was being extravagant buying this tool but its worth every cent. Makes a tedious job much easier and you're less likely to ruin a whole fretboard when one slot ends up wrong.

Ron McQuarrie  NSW Australia Read my reviews (5)
5 2-12-2012
Stewmac Mitre, fret saw and fretting templates

This is a relatively expensive, but astonishingly well-made and useful piece of kit for any guitar-maker. Keeps the saw square, upright and true, gives consistent depths across all the frets and most importantly, makes it impossible to cut a slot out of position. Simple to use, I slotted a perfect fretboard first time. You could waste a great deal of ebony and rosewood without one of these.

Phil Samuels  Sheffield, UK
Customer supplied image for review
5 10-08-2011
Fret Slotting Mitre Box

Does exactly what stew mac says it does.

Doug G  NY Read my reviews (4)
5 10-04-2011
Fret Slotting Mitre Box

I bought this a couple of years ago and I've used it for many fingerboards since.It has always produced very accurate fretboards in conjunction with the fret scale. (and fretting saw)It's very sturdy construction and I've screwed it to a large plank so that it can be solidly clamped to my workbench.In order to make sure the frets are at right angles to the axis of the FB I have placed tape at either end of the fret scale and marked out the centreline so that I can line up the fingerboard blank accurately.

I also practice on getting the correct depth for the fret slot on the first cut which defines the fingerboard length. To help with this I've drawn horizontal lines across the brass adjusters so I can tell easily if both are set to make a horizontal/vertical cut. Also I use a blank that is thicker than the finished board as I found that it is remarkably easy to break the fingerboard when unsticking it from the fret scale if you are using a FB you have already cut to thickness.

Pat Green  UK Read my reviews (20)
5 6-01-2011
Fretboard miter box & template

Over the years I've made fifty guitars, banjos and ukuleles, measuring and doing the frets by hand. Had I but known, I would have purchased this miter box and templates years ago! They're terrific, well worth the money!

Larry  Santa Maria, Ca Read my reviews (5)
5 5-03-2011
Fret Slotting Mitre Box

I've just entered early retirement & intend that my next vocation is that of a dedicated luthier. I don't care how good your eye-sight is, when you need to make fretboard cuts that are asked to be accurate to 1/128", its virtually impossible do it by hand. This mitre box (with scale templates) has taken all guess work out of the accuracy issue, & quickened my fret slotting process twice over. Well done on this one.

H-guitars  Australia Read my reviews (2)
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